Is this real?

Trivial doubts persists
Seemed a random encounter
Collided on the sidewalk
Balanced packages
Fell as domminos eyes met
This seems to good to be true
Apologies, smiles,
I am just another Notch
Your arsenal of conquests
Kisses sweet with sting
Left bereft of confidence
Another set of baggage


Water Flows (Choka)

Waters movements change
All obstructions has its ways
Pushing it over under
When water stops, peace
It’s face is as glass, reflect
Let silence be in the peace

Childs play (Etheree)

Swings:  This is going to happen in my yard in 2013!



Play baseball

Jump rope, hopscotch

Run jumping all fun

The laughter of the children

Release the chid to enjoy

Adults need children to feel free

Recess is their favorite subject

Exploring their world and their existance


Together (Etheree)



two become

One in heart, mind

Joining the battle

Gather under one heart

We stand together buffered

Against the harshness of the world

Combining strengths lessen weaknesses

Marriage is a fortress made of two hearts