Empty Vessel

Sculpted  body

Sculpted mind

Many hours in the gym

Many hours of high learning


Yet the heart is lacking

Yet the soul is empty

No common sense

No empathy




3 thoughts on “Empty Vessel

    • I am amazed how many are out there. One reason Fred and I do what we do. I used to be an in classroom tutor working with at risk kids, I worked as a volunteer with a teacher. These children were those who came from dysfunctional families. I am trying to contact the teacher to see if she would want Fred and I as a team. This is a 2nd grade class. It is heart breaking to hear their stories. Many are empty vessels and that is why they have problems learning


      • I agree with you. And this kids are our future too and totally worth to get support. We have such a case in the neighborhood, parents bought new tv and to pay the rates, their son can go no longer to the kindergarden where he had fun and friends and got the support he never got at home. For his “amusement” , he got the ole tv for his room, where he can sit now alone watching all the trash unattended…


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