Unchained Melody (Kanta)

“Whoa my love my darling”


Heart song


Loving you for years

It’s an unchained melody

Wraped in fidelity lust commitment


Days Possiblities (Prose)


Holds promise for those who want to grasp

It is not a ring to grasp as a trophy

This day is for you to leave blessings for another

Moments treasured for a life time

Something created for another time

Work done well accomplished integrity

The sky is the limit unless you limit yourself

Take in a breath for another gift given you

Reach farther than you thought you could

Fill this day with love and laughter


Our Moments

I had hoped for sweet armoa today

Our planned meeting this week keeps me going

The air is damp, acrid shall not distract

Our purpose is to pleasure each other


This will add sweetness to the atmosphere

These moments preserve love eternally

Foreplay is arbitrating positions

A game starting laughter before the lust


No bystanders we both participate

Admonish and spank me for being bad

Pamper me with slow kisses,caressing

Rapture our goal yet a squeal released helps


There on the presipice of ecstacy

Our love sealed with a  scream of elation