Tunnel Growth

South of the house tripod shot

I’ve tunneled through life

Low times are branches snagging

Problems cling as leaves

Began pruning these issues

Am able to walk upright

Trimming gleaned more fruit

My growth came in spurts at first

Still sniping lateral shoots.


Honey Sweet

bee asleep

Honey sweet on the tongue

Nectar from flowers

Deposited by bees

Used to sweeten

Also as affirmation

Of my love

Her apparent sweetness

Some use the organic form

For medicinal purpose’s

As my love heals me

Draws me out of bitterness

Leaves a sweet taste in my mouth

Golden elixir

As love can be


These are not just golden years

clear through beauty

These years are not just golden

They are ablaze with blessings

Also the turmoil of the past

Each decision I planted

Contributes to the colors

Of these mature years

Browns are moments forgiven

Gold’s the blessings of friends

Reds the passion in which I loved

Pastel yellows, beiges love missed or lost

Burgundy’s love which has lasted here and beyond

Plant well to harvest blessings in it’s time

My first Bully (I wrote this awhile back this is dedicated to Linda K)

I am trying to be a good boy my tears are me trying,

Mom says stop crying you are a pain in the ass;

Dad says that is because you coddle him too much.

I hold my breath so I will not cry.

I no longer cry.

Mom says so you think by being stubborn you will get your way?

Dad says oh stop Martha he is becoming a man.

At school I have friends, I do not like them.

Mom and dad were called into the principals office;

He said I was bulling other kids,

My dad said that is what is wrong with schools these days they coddle the kids.

I just stare because I do not care.

I was suspended and my dad was mad at the principle.

The principle said it was my parents fault.

They took me from my parents.

I am in foster care, I do not want to be here.

The kids are soft, cry too much.

I will teach them to toughen up with me around,

Now I am in juvenile detention;

I thought I was tough now I am crying.

Well this will never happen to me again, I will be tougher from now on.

Counselor said if you continue down this path,

You will be in prison one day.

I have a big brother assigned to me,

He seems ok, I am learning to control my anger,

I like his family they seem to like me.

I am getting good grades, my big brother asked to adopt me,

They say it is not possible;

He stays close, I have his phone number,

I want to be just like him when I grow up.

On Account (Prose)

Share with me thoughts of your heart

Anything near and dear to you

I will also give of myself as a gift

Bring to me with gentle hands

The miracle of your wants

I share the need of intimacy

Not just in the flesh, also my soul

Bringing treasures to deposit

Deposit in the vault of my soul

No other will glean from me

Only you will be able to withdraw

Guide my body to become one with you

Let each touch reveal you

Taste, smell, touch for two

What we leave for the other

No one will share its pleasures

Tonight is the beginning

An account in a bank

Where we can go when we are empty

To be filled once again

Walking the gravel road (Sonnet)

Gravel Road

Lifting setting down each foot on gravel

Loose aggregation, stones crunch under foot

Stride slow enjoying each steps muffled sound

Shroud of darkness looms as the fog settles

Absorbing our surroundings with each step

Headlights pass illuminates what’s hidden

A small creature scampers across our path

Inducing a nervous shriek and chortle

Falling leaves whisper for us seasons change

Leaf fight memories flutter into view

Raking piles just to roll in them with you

Scent of cinnamon apples waft in air

Beckoning to fireside with family

Perseverance brought us to this moment