Passionate Marriage (sonnet)

This was written from a word challenge given to me  the words are   Meringue, spritz, arpeggio, insidious, trapezoidal, pistachio, mauve, inhale, obituary, armpit, snickerdoodle, colloidal, plunge, farblondjet (Yiddish for way off track)


You are my sweet meringue spritzer,tasty

Arpeggio you play on my body

Special cords you touch insidiously

My trapezoid you massage gives pleasure


Pistachio cream our favorite salve

You know every inch of my mauve soft place

Spread, lick,taste, massage, inhale your essence

Our obituaries will read “loved much”


Armpit being traced can be erotic

You will always be my snickerdoodle

Our colloidal marriage,insoluble

We plunge into each other with passion


Focused,centered, never farblondjet, key

A sign of a great passionate marriage


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