My first Bully (I wrote this awhile back this is dedicated to Linda K)

I am trying to be a good boy my tears are me trying,

Mom says stop crying you are a pain in the ass;

Dad says that is because you coddle him too much.

I hold my breath so I will not cry.

I no longer cry.

Mom says so you think by being stubborn you will get your way?

Dad says oh stop Martha he is becoming a man.

At school I have friends, I do not like them.

Mom and dad were called into the principals office;

He said I was bulling other kids,

My dad said that is what is wrong with schools these days they coddle the kids.

I just stare because I do not care.

I was suspended and my dad was mad at the principle.

The principle said it was my parents fault.

They took me from my parents.

I am in foster care, I do not want to be here.

The kids are soft, cry too much.

I will teach them to toughen up with me around,

Now I am in juvenile detention;

I thought I was tough now I am crying.

Well this will never happen to me again, I will be tougher from now on.

Counselor said if you continue down this path,

You will be in prison one day.

I have a big brother assigned to me,

He seems ok, I am learning to control my anger,

I like his family they seem to like me.

I am getting good grades, my big brother asked to adopt me,

They say it is not possible;

He stays close, I have his phone number,

I want to be just like him when I grow up.


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