You never know (Short story fiction)

When I opened my eyes all I could see were leaves and a blue sky. Realizing I was lying on the ground in wet leaves and not knowing how I got here. Not even sure if I can move, just as I went to move I hear a voice say “Do not move”


“Do not move your leg is broken I need to set it”

Gasping and screaming in pain all at once, choking for air.

Next time I open my eyes I hear voices around me yet no one is talking directly to me. Now again wondering where I am, yet in the same instant I realize I am in a hospital.

I hear “She is awake”


I turn and realize it is my sister looking concerned leaning in “Sarah how are you feeling, do you know where you are”

“Sue!? In the hospital right?”

“Yes you are in a hospital, you have a broken leg and cracked ribs, and it is amazing you are still alive the car looked like no one could survive. You must have been thrown clear”

“Sue, car? I do not remember anything; I was in a car accident?”

“Yes, they found you ten feet away down in a ravine”

“Sue did they find anyone else was I with someone”

“Sarah you really do not remember; looks like dad was driving”

“Dad, no I do not remember” people say they have cobwebs in their mind I never knew exactly what that meant till this moment

“Sarah, the police will want to talk to you seems when they took a close look at the car the brake lines were cut”

“Really, someone wanted to hurt us? Who would want to hurt us?”

My sister moved from my view and at that moment I was looking at a police officer.

“Sarah my name is Officers Knolls, what can you tell me, what do you remember?”

I sighed and said “I remember waking up looking up at the sky and leaves, someone told me not to move, I remember the sky being incredibly blue, and then I felt horrible pain, next thing I woke up here”

“Well that is understandable you have been through a lot, when you remember something will you call me, I gave your sister Sue my card”

“I will Officer, thank you”

My sister came to the bed and leaned in said

“The Doctor said you would be in the hospital just another day now that you are awake, you will mend at home, just have to be careful”

After 24 hours they released me, my sister picked me up. We stopped at the drug store to pick up my prescriptions, pain killers and antibiotics. We got home Sue made me comfortable in the recliner and said she will be back with soup and sandwiches.

The house was quiet; my mom has been gone for over a year, now dad. Which to be honest neither I nor Sue will miss him, he was abusive to us. Took advantage of us when we were young; first Sue she was the oldest, then me he liked them younger than 16. Now that I am 21, I have been wondering what he has been up too. 

Sue came home from work one day I was crying she asked what was wrong I said “I think dad is visiting across the street when the parents are not home”

We knew at this point we would have to tell someone, we could not let him get away with this.

Sue came in the room set my lunch on a TV tray, sat next to me on the sofa. We ate quietly and after my last bite I started to get a little sleepy, pain killers do that.

“Sue thanks for taking good care of me”

“Sarah, wish I could have done that before dad got to you”

“I know, I do not blame you, we both should have told”

“You are right at least he will not hurt that little girl across the street anymore”


“ I told you it would work, just did not plan on you getting hurt”

“Just a broken leg Sue, I should have jumped out of the car sooner is all”

“Sue, aren’t they going to investigate who cut the break line?”

“No worries, remember the notes dad left us?”

“Yes they always said the same thing *I know what you did* it was for his sick game”

“I saved one, put it in Uncle Joe’s tool box along with all the pictures of us, in an envelope which has dad’s prints on it, I wore gloves so my prints are not on the envelope”

“Sue do think that will be enough?”

“Sarah no worries, Scott called and said they had a search warrant for Uncle Joe’s, I told him Dad and Uncle Joe had a fight. When Scott went over to Uncle Joe’s to talk to him Scott noticed some children’s videos, he asked Uncle Joe if he had kids or grandkids. We both know Uncle Joe never had kids, that is when Scott went for the search warrant, they will find everything in the garage”

‘Who is Scott?”

“Officer Knolls, we have had lunch, he became a police officer in part when he found his uncle with his sister, he said he wanted to make things right”

So much of our past came out with the investigation it was humiliating but worth it. Uncle Joe went to prison for murder and child abuse, endangerment and a whole list of things. I will smile when thinking about what Scott told us “They do not treat pedophiles well in prison” He will be there the rest of his life.  One down to many to go.



My perfect world (Short Story)

“Mom it is loose, Smiley got loose!”

This is not what I want to hear first thing in the morning. I look down for my sleepers only to see Smiley curled up in one of them.

“I found him Jessica! He is curled up in my slipper come get him I hate snakes”

I hear her feet patting on the hardwood floor. My heart does the moms flip, my husband rolls over and reaches for me. It does not get better than this.

“Sorry Mom” she says in whispered tones thinking she would wake her dad

“Jessica, I told you when you asked for a snake , Do not let it out, I hate snakes, this is the only chance you get, one more time and we take Smiley back to the pet store”

“I know mom he was doing fine when I put him on the floor to watch him eat the mouse for his breakfast, I must not have closed my door all the way when I went to the bathroom”

“Jessica, he does not move fast how long were you in the bathroom?”

“Well I showered, brushed my teeth and got dressed as usual”

“Hold on I thought you said you wanted to watch Smiley eat the mouse”

“Mom he already ate it before I left the room, I just figured what’s the harm he was so content there on my floor”

“Jessica, never again, when you’re not in the room with him, you put Smiley back in his home!”

“I will mom I promise”

I lay back down as Jessica closes the door and reach for my husband, may as well get my heart racing with something I like to do in the morning.

Weekend breakfast is always fun inevitably someone chimes in and says they will cook breakfast. This morning it was Jessica, I suppose she did this to make up for the snake incident.

Another mother’s heart flip, sipping my coffee checking my e-mails enjoying the aroma of bacon, French toast, eggs. Jessica does this the best the way she adds a touch of cinnamon to the French toast is a delight.

Gosh she is beautiful, senior in high school wants to be a veterinarian, I am married to a handsome man we own our own construction business. Many people say couples should never work together, yet for us these 25 years have been awesome we are in sync the best team on the planet earth.

“So are you two still driving up to Michigan State to check things out?”

“Absolutely, Jessica and I plan on being there by 2pm and spend the day asking questions and me telling her of all the trouble I got into”

When my husband smiles at me he looks no different than when we first met, his face has toughened a little since but it add a ruggedness not age to his face.

Breakfast was great my husband Dale is dressed and ready to go, he gets antsy even though it is not even noon he wants to hit the road.

I hear him talking to Jessica trying to get her on board.

“If we leave now we can stop for lunch in this cool café, there is good shopping there, I only know this because we nearly went into debt when your mom and I went there, also my arms were loaded to the max with all the packages, and she too was loaded down”

“Ok dad I am ready let me check on Smiley I do not want another event to happen before we get back”

Now that they are gone I have the place to myself. Sigh, with as much as I adore them I enjoy having the house to myself. Play my music with the door wall open as I set out on the sunny deck, feet up on the railing without a care in the world, no one to ask me a question, “Where is my? “ Fill in the blank it happens regularly.

Driving for my take out order I wonder how they are doing and if they are having fun and at whose expense, I realize I am chuckling and feeling a little jealous wishing I had gone with them.

I see the police car as I come around the corner, gee wonder what happened, hope it is not poor Mr. Woodrow; he needs to slow down at 81 still doing things like he is 41.

Hmm once inside I see my phone on the counter I did not realize it was not in my purse. Screen tells me I have 2 messages on my voicemail. Listening to my husband’s voice saying “I love you Molly with all my heart”

Suddenly I am feeling light headed; his voice does not sound right what is that noise in the back ground is that Jessica crying?

Doorbell rings, I am cemented in place, cannot move, I jump when I hear a tap on the glass door wall turning to look foreboding encompasses me drawing me into a black whole.

Next thing I remember I wake up

“Mam look at me Mam take a sip of this water”

I realize it is the police officer who was at the door wall; I am on my kitchen floor, wondering why am I on the floor and why are they here?

He helps me up and I sit on a chair by the table

“What is going on why are you here?”

“Mam your husband and daughter were in an accident on I75 going south, I am guessing they were coming home”

“Are they alright, what hospital are they at”

“Mam when you are up to it we will need you to come with us to identify them”

“Identify them?”

“Yes, mam sorry to inform you their vehicle was crushed by a semi-truck, once we got to them there was nothing that could be done”

At this point my head is wobbling on my shoulders not really a part of my body, as if someone put the wrong body part on my torso.

“Is there anyone we can call to come stay with you?”

“My brother Mac I will call my brother Mac”

My legs are not moving my phone is still on the counter

“Mam may I have permission to use your phone to call your brother”

“Yes that would be fine”

There were so many people at the funeral, I was glad to see them yet I walked through it like I was part of the dead. How will I ever survive without them? What horrible thing did I do to deserve this? Is there something in this universe that does not want perfection, is that it, my life was too perfect?”







In a blink of an eye (Very short story)

Never thought it would happen this way, I only wanted to go to the store pick up a few items, something simple and mundane as that, who would expect anything like this? Here I am lying on the floor contemplating trying to make sense of what is going on around me.

I hear angry voices shouting, male voices, one is saying “Get the fuck on the ground or I will shoot you” People whimpering babies crying. I am lying face down using my purse as a pillow at the same time trying to dial my phone so this crazy person does not notice.

Muffled voice says “Midland Police how can I direct your call”

I whisper “I am at the party store on the corner of Maple and Cummings, there is a man with a gun “

Muffled voice says “Mam just stay where you are we are sending someone”  Voice continues “Mam stay on the line”

I am crying and whispering at the same time “OK”

I do not hear any sirens, and wonder if they are coming or they came in quiet.

The men are still yelling reminding everyone to stay down and one is screaming “Shut the Fuck up! You are all making me Fucking nervous, with all the whining and whimpering”

Footsteps behind me then Gun fire packages splattering debris all around me. I am holding my breath; my head is ringing, praying for it all to stop. Then as suddenly as it started, it stopped and the silence was as deafening as the gunfire.

Someone just touched my arm I look from my left side not wanting to move, I then see a badge. Oh thank God, I lose it crying uncontrollably. The police officer helps me up, there are ambulances outside I am guided to one.

Cold, shaking not really crying more of a whimper as the paramedic talks to me, his voice sounds like we are in a tunnel.  They lay me on a stretcher next thing I know we are moving with sirens blazing.

I am aware of what is happening as in a dream, slow motion, moving me from stretcher to gurney. Someone’s face is above me moving in close, still a muffled echoed voice, “Can you hear me mam? We are going to give you something for the pain”

Pain? I do not feel pain, what pain..

Now the voice is saying “We are losing her”

Seems so unreal here I am looking at me lying there, my husband is crying the doctor is saying

“Sorry sir, she did not feel a thing the bullet went through and through, we are amazed she walked to the ambulance, the officer was not aware of the wound it went in from the side looks like cereal substance went through with it which stopped the bleeding on impact, by moving her it dislodged the debris and she bled out”




Treasures (Prose)


Treasures are found

When digging things up

Even if it takes sweat and tears

Over the years

Things get buried

Moving through life

We get married

Then suddenly there is a problem

This may stem from what we buried

Dig up those things

Deal with the chest which was buried

Once dealt with we are left

With the greatest gift

Freedom from baggage buried



fall leaves

How do things change

Within my heart?

As I leaf through this life,

Do all things wither

or will there be

something left

still  standing and healthy?



How will I see myself

As I age , daily changes

will I still see beauty?

looking up from the ravine

Brilliance is seen

When we look up

Not down upon ourselves.

Fall Harmony


Fall Harmony

Rome done staying home

I want you; share my Empire

Your my Honey Crisp

Wanting to pick and enjoy

Your Red Delicious

Ida Red about such love

Wanting to bite in

Through our Golden Delicious

Years of fruitful love

Forever together (Prose)

that we are actually made to connect

Just you and me

Against the world

Children gone

We keep the heart

Filled with memories

The hearth is warm

Our love is also

Some humor

To spice our lives

Banality of our foibles

Keeps us from feeling old

Ever present body humor

Aromas not stench of course

Body parts sliding

Yet we still want each other

And no other

Each crease is known

Indigestion shared

More importantly

We are still here

Hold my hands lightly

No longer tightly

Years of tending

Left them tender

Till death do us part

Has been our vow

That is why

We are together now