Do not beat Love

Broken Heart?Broken heart by Social Enigma  found on Pinterest

Raise your voice to say I love you

Do not demean me

Raise your hand to hold me

Not to hit me

Choose your words for love

Not to control

When you say” If you love me”

It means you want control

Just say I love you

Let my,” I love you” be true

Speak the truth to me

Not  “You never want me to do anything”

Let me know when you will be home

Not “I always come home to you”

Where there is deception

There is no love

Respect me with honesty

Do not disrespect me with lies

Love is what you plant

Either it will bear good fruit or bad


3 thoughts on “Do not beat Love

    • unfortuately yes. Seems respect and dishonesty is part of their heart. I was married to someone who cheated on me like it was a sport. 19 years. My now husband is adoring and respectful


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