Vapor decends

smoke and frost winter

Vapor descends on a cold day

Suspended as in animation

Blue color mixed with grey

A cold winter’s day

We huddle within

Staving off the cold

Lingering near the stove

Removing rawness so bold

This closeness relieves

Ach which attaches

To our hearts and souls

From the world

The perfect escape

With family, friends

Warm hearted joy

Attune to love

A parable of sorts

Fireplace’s warmth

adapts to our need

Drawing our bodies

To its blaze of warmth

Atmosphere of laughter

Does for the soul

Thus bring us closer

In your blaze

Let us remember

Your loving gaze

Etched in our lives

The times spent

Leaning into

The warmth it sent

Let the blues dissipate

As smoke from without

Letting us know

Without a doubt

There is love and joy

With family and friends

Welcoming peace

Only they can bring


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