Heart of gold

Hearts.....Thank you all for pining.      http://www.charmnjewelry.com/search/gold_charms/Valentines.htm #CharmnJewelry

Is it about white, green;

Yellow , gold or black?

Nay it is heart in nature.

When others see what is there?


Is it dark or grey shadowed,

By choices you have made.

Reflecting your heart,

Decisions cause shadows.


Others see a reflection

Of what you do.

As a mirrors image

Look closely what do they see?


Brilliant man said

A man is judged by

The integrity of his heart

Do they see light or darkness?


Is the mirror image backwards?

Are you being judged wrongly?

How to change the mirror image

Others see, to see clearly

Your heart is of gold?


Let all hearts be judged

By the gold or the dark.

Truth reigns in the heart,

Judgments to be made accordingly.


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