Shall I

Father son footprint keepsake created at birth- LOVE

Shall I walk in your footsteps?

Will you understand if I do not?

When I do will you forgive?


Get a grip

by Aleplesch. Hand in hand


Being pulled apart

Not by heart

Mindset ingrained


Gripping onto need

Never onto greed

Healing confluence


Joining together

Support, encourage

Restore respect


Hand in hand

Never with fists

Emotional dossier


Gripped to change

Within as well without

Hold to the course

waves of footsteps (photo by Uncle Spike WP)


We stand side by side

Yet when the tide comes in

Our foot prints are erased

Our hearts struggle

To merge as one

Only takes one

Waves upheaval

To remove our prints

Of struggle

Staying on course

With our differences

When those who be

Use our struggle

For profit

Removing truth

Leaving shifting sand

No longer

Prints of past victories

They acclaim the struggle

Leaving us diminished

Acknowledging themselves

Never those who pursued

And won the victory

We are lessened by them

Never ending

Always wanting

It is commercial

Not reality

Of the life

We have lost nor lead

Are we there yet (Photo challenge #1)

tumblr n0mi0iKd8z1qggs6ao1 r1 500 Random Inspiration 123 | Architecture, Cars, Girls, Style & Gear

Are we there yet?

Children say this when traveling

How annoying it is

Yet when my life is a shambles

I do not see the end

Which some say justify the means

I know the road I am on

I know where I am going

Yet there are adverse elements

Which take my focus as a fog

I cannot see the end of the road

I wonder when I will finally arrive.

How will I know if I am there yet.

Change (#1 word salad poem)

Word salad poem #1


Some change is perfunctory

Sending hearts in a dither

Allowing a mercurial mind set


Making life dramatic

Sometimes even traumatic

No rescinding the consequences


One of which was polemic

Words said without thought

Or justification


Difficult to rescind

What is now broken

As humpty dumpty

You cannot put back

Healing takes time

Words scar deep


Leaving etched marks

On a soul beaten down

True repentance accepted


Mood and mind change slow

Love and trust restored

Still may never be the same


Thus take time do not dither

Think before speaking

Love without striking




I am blinded

Double Exposure Portraits by Antonio Mora  L’artiste espagnol Antonio Mora fait portraits de femmes et d’hommes en double exposition d’éléments naturels : des vagues, des paysages montagneux ou des animaux et plantes viennent se juxtaposer aux visages des modèles. Ses portraits sensuels et élégants sont à découvrir en images.

I am blinded by words spoken

Those who give words

with no meaning

Not by action

Just words, thank YOU without action.

Has no meaning

I am sorry with negative


Has no meaning

I will do this

with political agenda

Has no meaning

what has meaning

Is that I can see

In action

Not just for a moment

But an everyday


Perils of Live

Silenced once too often

Each drop of disaster

Taking soundness from my soul

Thrusting me forward 3 steps

Pulling me back 2 steps

Tumultuous waves of life

Realizing it spares no one

Each person owns a season

Transfixing their attention

Numbness is only one emotion

Others evolve such as anger

Denial worst of all fear

Fear can sentence you to a spot

As cement does a tomb

Anger can release ideas

Numbness allows pause

Rest for the spirit

We escape through alcohol

Some through shopping

Can be considered a drug

Endorphins released

Briefly semblance of normalcy

Yet the problem still there

Compounded by the escape

Your touch not words

Brings need of another sort

This I want desperately

Feeling human again

Lost in another

Besides myself

From tips of my toes

To the top of my head

I want your touch

The rest of life

Will be put at bay

At least for today



I would be considered a god

In Egypt if I were a cat

Resilient and agile

Enabling me to maneuver

The throngs within without

Yet I do not have 9 lives

This life is all I have

Prosper in place

Where I was set

Landing on my feet

After each upheaval

Righting the wrong

Easy enough if

It were my sin

Not a sin of another

Wipe the slate clean

Forgive and forget

As we are all forgiven

Which was taught me

early on in life

Until the one who taught it

Did the harm

Which caused me

To land flat, not on my feet

Yet we are given one

Just one life to prosper

Grant me the grace

To forgive not using excuses

Ney the scars are armor

Against the woes of the world

Ever present reminder

Not of the wrong

But of my resilience

Strength given

Strength to give

New life reborn

Freedom (Poem)


Freedom hovers

Just out of reach

Equipped to sustain

All mankind

Yet jazzed up

Like a song sung

One might think

It has to be won

Instead of understood

With freedom comes loss

Not just of life

But of selfish wants

Freedom is a gift

To those who aspire

To fend for oneself

Not to require

As a plant emerges

In its time of growth

Thus freedom reigns

Within the hearts

Of those who understand

The oath,.

Never infringe on another’s

Rights, these would be weeds

Needing to be pulled

Allowing the healthy plant

To blossom in place

Reaching for growth

Which is Freedoms promises

Lifting those who need a hand

Among the mist of adversity

Once lifted they are also free

Joining those who have gone

Down this path of Freedom

Before us in spite of us

Let Freedom be the path

Among the treed souls

Who’s lives were lost

And planted in place

There branches affect us all

Never to be lost but stand

In line as trees line a path

Let Freedom be released

From the mist of hate

Jealousy , fear,

that we may

Dance among the trees

Being Free