Freedom (Poem)


Freedom hovers

Just out of reach

Equipped to sustain

All mankind

Yet jazzed up

Like a song sung

One might think

It has to be won

Instead of understood

With freedom comes loss

Not just of life

But of selfish wants

Freedom is a gift

To those who aspire

To fend for oneself

Not to require

As a plant emerges

In its time of growth

Thus freedom reigns

Within the hearts

Of those who understand

The oath,.

Never infringe on another’s

Rights, these would be weeds

Needing to be pulled

Allowing the healthy plant

To blossom in place

Reaching for growth

Which is Freedoms promises

Lifting those who need a hand

Among the mist of adversity

Once lifted they are also free

Joining those who have gone

Down this path of Freedom

Before us in spite of us

Let Freedom be the path

Among the treed souls

Who’s lives were lost

And planted in place

There branches affect us all

Never to be lost but stand

In line as trees line a path

Let Freedom be released

From the mist of hate

Jealousy , fear,

that we may

Dance among the trees

Being Free


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