Perils of Live

Silenced once too often

Each drop of disaster

Taking soundness from my soul

Thrusting me forward 3 steps

Pulling me back 2 steps

Tumultuous waves of life

Realizing it spares no one

Each person owns a season

Transfixing their attention

Numbness is only one emotion

Others evolve such as anger

Denial worst of all fear

Fear can sentence you to a spot

As cement does a tomb

Anger can release ideas

Numbness allows pause

Rest for the spirit

We escape through alcohol

Some through shopping

Can be considered a drug

Endorphins released

Briefly semblance of normalcy

Yet the problem still there

Compounded by the escape

Your touch not words

Brings need of another sort

This I want desperately

Feeling human again

Lost in another

Besides myself

From tips of my toes

To the top of my head

I want your touch

The rest of life

Will be put at bay

At least for today


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