Enchanted (Short Story)

The Enchanted Wood

Everything seemed so enchanting. He was the sexiest, handsomest man I have ever met. An easy liquid movement, long legged gait, smiles easily with deep dimples everything any woman would sigh over.

Our walks were filled with chatter and laughter at times. Yet the quiet was not silence we cherished each second together. I do not want to wake from this dream; I want to see how it turns out.

When reality strikes it pulls the color and blossom from your view, you only then see the truth which shows the dream to be a nightmare.

As quickly as a storm can wash up on shore and destroy everything in its path when that woman knocked at my door asked for me by name and told me to leave her husband alone my head and heart could not grasp what she said.

I grabbed the first thing I could reach and hit her to many times. As she collapsed on my porch I had mixed thoughts of victory and defeat.

Now the nightmare starts as I roll her up in the outdoor matt, drag her body to the backyard. I have wanted to plant a rose garden; today is as good of time as any.

All my neighbors marvel at my garden always asking what my secret is. I tell them just anything that comes along I use as humus. I also keep the soil mulched with cedar to keep any aroma of manure from mixing with the beauty and scent of the flowers.

My garden parties are always a hit.


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