Down Sizing

Film Noir in Showcase of Film Noir Photography:         Stylized Glamour

When receiving a caveat especially not in your favor most people consider and Exodus. My first response is usually emotional fists, getting angry, chasing my tail; this does not support clear thinking.

My boss handed me an office memo that we were downsizing I pictured myself impecunious within a year yet some see me as the golden child unabated by life’s events;  that would be very wrong.

Taking a coffee break would be out of the question I do not want to have trace or spark of negative behavior of my fellow office workers.

Not a scintilla of their thoughts I need to clear my head and decide what to do. Up to the roof I go, sneaking by everyone grabbing a coffee to my oasis of thought.

I need to form my own computation setting a board of statistics, seeing where we can actually save the company money and all keep their jobs or at least sparing mine.

Through moments of clarity I formed my strategic strategy; my immediate boss is the one who handed me the memo, I know for a fact he uses company monies for his personal use, he also uses it for his bimbo he keeps in an apartment for when he tells the wife he works overtime. Now if we eliminate him and place let’s say me in his position since I am next in line we would save at least hundred thousand a year.

Once back in my cubicle I put my plan in motion first a phone call to the bimbo and then to the wife they should handle the deal well. After rifling through the bosses desk since he took a long lunch I compiled all the information I needed.

Our company does not like bad press they give savarins pay to offenders. I am hoping to save them the savarins pay as well. Nice little chat with the wife went well posing as a florist asking if she would be there for a delivery using the name of said Bimbo. Then doing the same to the Bimbo, made reservations for dinner for 2 at a pricey restaurant telling wife/ and bimbo to be there at 7pm  leaving a note for boss about an important business meeting at the restaurant with the upper bosses should do the trick . The Bimbo from I understand has a history of volatile behavior. She once cut a special body part off of a suitor; she was called Larraine for the longest time by my fellow workers when gossiping about her.

Now that I am in his office looking back on these events I still am taken aback never considering the possibility that his wife was volatile as well. Those two girls must have put their heads together; no one in the restaurant could definitively say who was holding the gun all they could say for a fact is that brain matter does not belong in the Marinara sauce.


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