Walked in (Short Story)


Walked in


New city new start, walking into new job was exhilarating and frightening at the same time. Almost a sexual rush, smell of office muck, with its paper, dry dusty, mixed with cologne, perfume nothing like it. You need to walk into the break room to smell the coffee.

What is it about being in a menagerie of personalities and drama that I am so addicted too? Almost reminds me of a bar I love going to back home, everyone knows each other’s business, throwing verbal and visual barbs at each other one minute; next minute they are ignoring each other and gossiping about someone else. Well I am the new guy so there will be plenty of speculation, I love to keep them guessing.

Just then a smart looking blond comes walking by saying  “Morning meeting we cannot be late”

I did not get a chance to sit down just got in step right behind her on the way to the meeting.

Bob who is my immediate boss is seated at the head of the table tilts his head my way. “Lonnie how is it going so far?”

“Good Bob, have not sat down yet nor grabbed a cup of coffee, I was told not to be late for the morning meeting”

Bob laughed at that, I just smirked.

Of course everyone was curious being that I called the boss by his first name. They are figuring that is how I got my job.

Meeting was mundane and over in 15 minutes, I went grabbed the cup of coffee I was craving, the smart looking blond stopped at my desk.

Looking up at her over my mug of coffee while she introduced herself and asked the inevitable question; “Hey I am Marge, how do you know the boss?”

“Who Bob, met him at my interview how do you know him?”

She seemed confused as she walked away.

The upper bosses were expecting my report on their desk by the end of the week. Should not be a problem since I already peeked interest from my fellow workers.

Onto to the break room see if I can catch some gossip about me or someone else sense that is the best place to catch up on office goings on.

By the end of the day some were saying that I was Bob’s relative others were talking about Marge sleeping with everyone, also Joe in dispatch was up to something no one could figure out what. He stayed late, came in early; seemed like a good work ethic on the surface. I do not believe that many people have that work ethic so I guess I will be staying late tonight and coming in early tomorrow see if I can pick up on something.

Now 2 hours after quitting time, sun setting,  as I round the corner to the girls room I hear a muffled sound of a woman’s voice, a male voice hushing her. Now I hear what sounds like a cry or yelp, not sure which. Could be good sex, I will go take a look.

The voices were coming from a private office, door was unlocked, slowly as quietly as I could I opened the door ever so slightly to see Joes back  with a woman’s legs spayed out as if she fell. I stood transfixed to my spot realizing she was dead and he was holding her by the throat.

At that moment he turned to see me, I did not wait I pulled my service revolver introducing myself all at the same time “ Hold right there Joe do not move, release her, place your hands behind your head, I am Officer Lonestar, you have the right to remain silent”

I felt it before I could believe I even seen it, knife embedded in my arm, I shot that is all I can remember happened.

This was the quickest I ever solved a murder investigation. So many office workers had gone missing within a mile block in the center of New York.

It can only work for my already great reputation at the precinct. I love working undercover always the new guy in any given situation. Come on give me a hard one next time. 









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