Smoke through a keyhole


Smoke through a key hole

This memory always reminds me of a country song. I first heard it sung by Toby Keith – Dream walkin- which turned into a night mare. So I will tell you what happened so you understand why I keep telling you, do not go over to any abandon houses no matter how much fun it is to be scared. Sometimes the fun of being scared brings reality at your door.

So your uncle Joey and I went to the old Anderson house, it was the favorite place to go and dare your friends to go further inside or tell them you heard a sound in the back and dare them to go look.

Your grandma and grandpa were already in bed; I snuck out the window and climbed down the old oak tree out my back window. That old tree was hit by lightning two nights later and came down on the power lines. You can see it in some of the old pictures in the family album.

Joey was in the drive urging me to hurry and be quiet at the same time. I do not know why we do that, it is not like we want to get caught but of course I will hurry and be quiet. Any ways we ran to the Anderson house Joey says there has been a light on upstairs every night the past week. I did not believe him so there was the dare. Joey says “I dare you to come with me tonight and see for yourself”

Well I took him up on the dare and reminded him once I pass the first dare he has to take the next dare. We were in agreement. Standing on the porch I could see there was a light on in the back of the house and also a subtle light showing on the stairs. I stepped back off the porch walked around the house and could see a little light peeking through the drapes. Now it was time to dare Joey- “hey Joey I dare you to see if the door will open either the front or back”

The front did not open but the back did so what the heck we both went in. I think we both were holding our breaths and I suddenly had to pee. There was a bathroom off the kitchen; Joey stood watch, it was not too far from the door. We had to decide if it would be quieter to let me pee indoors or try stepping off the porch and do it in the back yard. By the time I was done Joey was already at the bottom of the stairs staring up.

“Joey maybe we should leave” I said

“Mike we should at least sneak quietly up the stairs and take a peek”

“But Joey old houses, the stairs always make noise”

Just then we heard a lady cry like she was saying help we could not be sure it was muffled.

So darn we were too curious so we started up the stairs. The door was barely cracked open we stayed low to the floor and peeked. Joey smiled at me and whispered. “He is doing the nasty to her”

I said “I do not think so Joey” shook my head while I backed away slowly and went down the stairs as quietly as I could.

I heard a lot of screaming by the time I reached the door we came in. As I looked over my shoulder I seen Joey white as a sheet crying and said “what did he do to her Mike?”

“I do not know Joey but I know it was not the Nasty, I seen my parents do the Nasty there was never blood”

When I got home I woke up your Grandpa, you remember he used to be a Policeman, he called one of his friends. When they got to the Anderson house they found a lady dead and no one else around. There still is no one under arrest for killing that lady. Also no one ever found out who she was.

“Oh dad you are making this up I will ask Grandpa tomorrow”

“Go ahead Molly ask Grandpa he will tell you I am telling you the truth, you can also ask Uncle Joey too”

“So go to sleep Molly and by the way the window is painted shut if you have any ideas of you and Heather sneaking off”

“Oh Daddy we would never do such a thing”



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