French toast is getting cold (Short Story)


Coffee slow drip still lulls me waiting for the bitter taste which satisfies my need for caffeine. My obsession for this bitter drug is the same obsession for the bittersweet love I have for my wife. Our rollercoaster marriage has been an aroma which can drug you into fits of rage or riotous laughter. Our marriage has been exciting never knowing what the day will bring.

Why is it when tired and stressed we lash out rather than draw into our cocoon of marriage. I see couples draw into their relationships during the stressful times making the ride more of a twirl on the cup and saucers. Not us it is a roller coaster. I suppose this marriage would not have lasted 30 years if it was not a wild ride. Seems our personalities need a challenge so we do not get bored. A bit of co-dependency is not all bad.

Well since I was the one that pulled the switch on this carnival ride it is my turn to take breakfast to her. French toast, strawberries and coffee. Her favorite, I will admit I am hoping for make-up sex, we still got it there.

Today I will go one step further and suggest we go haunt some garage sales that should put me back in her graces.

How do we tell kids to do this crazy thing called marriage? Keep at it do not give up and do not give out to anyone but your spouse. Love and forgive especially do not make a tally; you need to forget as well.

Well enough dawdling and talking to my self the French toast is getting cold.




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