Farm Girl (Short Story)


Taking the first pull on that cigarette in the morning keeps me in my monologue complacent musing mind. I do not like being talked to first thing in the morning. The quiet is what I crave; steam rising from my coffee, smoke from my cigarette. Kids still sleeping, husband off to work. This is my time, before the scrunch haired droopy pj clad children come bounding down the stairs with their own agendas which I need to address. Considering the farm life can be repetitious children will add the spice to the day. I just need my moment.

“Mom! MOM! Where are my tennis shoes I cannot find them!!”

“Roy I made you take them off at the back door they were full of gawd knows what!”


“Oh Roy you are so stupid you never remember anything”

“Molly! Stop calling your brother stupid! You apologize!”

“Sorry Roy for calling you stupid, I am really sorry you are stupid”

ROY! Stop hitting your sister

So now their day starts. Here we go.

“Make your beds before you come down those stairs, do a good job I do not want them to look like there is a dead body in them! If you do not do a good job, I will give you the worst chores.”

They hate cleaning the chicken coup or helping in the barn with the cows. I can always use this as a threat to get them to do their own rooms.

“Mine is made mom what’s for breakfast, I want eggs “

“You want eggs what? Roy”

“I want eggs and bacon”

“Well then that was not the right answer; till I receive the right answer you will be getting the silent treatment”

“I want eggs and bacon please”

“Alright then eggs and bacon it is”

“Mom could I please have some as well”

“Yep eggs and bacon for my 2 whipper snappers.”

Now this is my second best part of the day, the time I have for that second pot of coffee while doing my chores. Lunch time comes quickly and Mike my husband will be famished the kids will act as if they have not eaten since yesterday. I would not change my life for anything, you can keep the big city I am a farm girl.

Breathing in the aroma of cow patties over exhaust any day.


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