The Box CHapter 2 The Phone call

The Box – Chapter 2

The phone call

After a lengthy albeit convoluted conversation with my mom I deduced there was more to it than just postpartum depression. My mom was dating Stan Duran for only a month. In her day you did not have sex before marriage, one steamy night they succumbed to their hormones. My brother and I were the result, the thing is she had just graduated from high school; Stan was a mechanic at the local small town gas station in Michigan’s UP. She was frightened and wanted more for her life and her daughter so she struck out for a life in the big city.

Stan had 3 sisters 2 brothers so she knew Paul would be well cared for. She did not want to take both of Stan’s children from him, all men want sons, is how she put it, all woman want daughters.

Her first job was at Hudson’s she told me of this fine store with upper class bobbles and clothing. There were hardwood floors, wood stair cases with wooden highly polished banisters and moldings .

It seemed so romantic, especially now everything is generically tiled, or marble.

She was lucky to find a boarding house and had a little nest egg from saved birthday, first communion and confirmation money. Mom has always been very frugal; am glad she taught me that.

I am feeling more confident and relaxed about the phone call I need to make. I am sure Paul has a reason for sending this box at this time.

“Is this Paul Duran?”

“This is Paul Duran, how may I help you?”

“Hi Paul this is your sister Penny”

“Great! I was hoping you would call there is so much I want to know and so much I want to tell you”

I was hoping my deep sigh was not audible; I do that involuntarily when I am stressed or anxious.

“Well I guess I should first ask why send the box at this time, we are both in our 50’s so I am assuming there is a reason for the timing?”

“There is Penny, dad has been agitated lately he has wanted to see Sarah one more time, I really think even to this day he still loves her. As an attorney I counseled him to get a divorce and start a new life, he would always say no”

“You’re an attorney? So am I, that’s incredible”

We both laughed and it is odd our laughs were nearly identical. At that point I realized I was relaxed as if talking to a long lost friend.

By the end of the conversation I really did not learn much more than what my mother shared with me just little gems here and there about my brother and dad.

So many similarities between illnesses and our proclivity to injure ourselves, broken arms, stubbed toes; let’s just say neither of us were athletically inclined.

Dad is in the first stages of Alzheimer’s not nearly as advanced as mom; gee with this being part of my genetic history makes one wonder about my future. No kids to take care of me as I do my mom I will need to put some directives in place.

Paul and I made some tentative plans to get my mom and dad together; a month from today Paul will drive down state with dad for 2 week stay.

Ok after hanging up I am sighing again this is a lot to process. I have 4 nieces 2 nephews. I am actually over whelmed and thrilled at the same time. I have family beyond my mom all this time I was an only child and once mom was gone there would only be me. I have family.


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