The Box Chapter 5 A sit down with dad

The Box Chapter 5 a sit down with dad

Dad came down the stairs looking dapper, smile on his face and very warm and gracious hug, then he went right to it.

“Well young lady we need to talk about your mom please let me have my say and then tell me what your thoughts are or chew on it for a while and get back to me”

“Here are my thoughts, I do not want to be with her 24 – 7 but I would like access to her, and would like to spend regular time with her if not daily every other day depending how she is feeling. Not quite sure how we could accomplish any of this since you live down here but I have an idea you may want to mull it over; I still live in the same house your mom lived as my wife, I still have the rocking chair she sat in holding you and your brother, I want Paul to bring it down from the attic. Sigh, I also own the house next door, it would be nice if you and she could move in; there is a white picket fence that we could chat over; and a beautiful flower garden, on her good days she and I could putter in the garden, or sit under the shade tree sipping tea. I know you have this place and all but there would be no charge for living there, I just want to spend time with my Sarah.”

I sat stunned for a few beats, what took me off guard was the mention of the rocking chair, I guess I have not completely grasped the whole concept of Stan being my father and Sarah being his wife. I have only known my mom as Judy, this is a lot to absorb.

“Well first off Stan, mmm dad my main concern is how she will accept a move, if she could accept a move. I would not want her to be set back at all, I am so hoping to keep the status quo hoping to hold on to her good days as much as possible. I will tell you this, I will consider it, I need to talk this over with her Doctor and get his thoughts on it. From the information and advice he gives me I will be able to make an educated decision. For us to move from this house financially is no big deal because we are renters, this was mom’s house I sold my condo and moved in with her when she became unable to live alone, so that would not be a problem”

“Well good then you are at least willing to consider my ideas I like that Penny, please let me know what the Doctor says”

“Well dad how about I make an appointment with the Doctor and you can be part of the conversation, would that suit you?”

“Oh Penny that would suit me just fine, yes indeed just fine”

I went up to see if mom needed help as I reached her door she was coming out in a new dress with flowers and ruffles, she looked airy and beautiful.

Slowly descending the stairs Stan came over to look up at us and said

“My two beautiful girls I am one lucky old codger”

“Oh aren’t you a sweet old sort, and what have you got to say for yourself this morning? Leaving me to sleep alone after all that romance music and holding hands”

I took in an involuntary deep breath; if my eyes were as wide as Paul’s I must look ridiculous. Letting out the air and laughing at the same time triggered a coughing Jag which only sent Paul reeling in uncontrollable laughter “

Both our parents looked at us like we had lost our minds which only made it worse.

Once I was calmed down, blew my nose, wiped my eyes I asked if everyone was hungry

Mom said “Stan and I will take our coffee out on the porch, please dear”

“Oh Sarah that is a marvelous idea we can catch up on old times”

“Old times? My word; have you lost your mind we have only met last night, you tell me about yourself and that nice young man you have with you”

So our day started with a mix bag of tricks but hey that is Alzheimer’s for you; never knowing from one moment to the next what the day will bring. It is never boring and rarely the same. One thing I like about it is, if I tell a joke to mom and it makes her laugh hard I write it down and make sure I tell it to her again. It is always heard through her ears for the first time even though I have told it 100 times.

Eaves dropping is a gift I really do not have, I am not good at it; part of that clumsy talent I have. Invariably when I try to be quiet, either I, stub my toe, hit my not so funny bone or knock something over.

After breakfast I went outside with a cup of coffee and sat on a step, I really wanted to know more.

So Paul has a nick name similar to mine Rock a doodle, any time dad played music Paul rocked. Now that brought a smile to my face I have noticed he never really sits still, his foot has to be moving some part of his body has to move he cannot just sit.

Paul’s first words were Skipper. Skipper was the family’s coonhound who would sleep anywhere he flopped.

Instead of singing Paul to sleep dad would whistle, at that Stan started to whistle a beautiful melody that I swear came from heaven itself. I have never heard anyone whistle like that, from the screen door Paul joined in the chorus of Beautiful Savior. I was entranced by this I did not notice till much into the song mom had tears roll down her cheek.

Mom said softly with a little choke to the words “You used to whistle standing in my back yard looking up to my bedroom window, Blue Danube”

Oh that is why it is her favorite song.

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