Life quickly changes


While I sit on my porch pondering the developments in my life, newly divorced, parents have passed, no children yet I do not feel alone; actually I feel free for the first time in my life. Right out of high school I married Doug; he seemed so worldly and exciting being 5 years older than myself. So basically I went from dad taking care of me to Doug taking care of me. So many girls aspire to this, the perfect wedding the perfect marriage 2.3 children whatever that means, yet many found themselves in a situation of abuse, and infidelity.  Gladly I moved on when Doug fell in love with a waitress near his work; I said in my head, bon appetite; he is all yours.

The divorce was civil the marriage was not, I was able to keep the house he moved into her condo. I love this porch; the yard is large for being in the city. Downtown Westford is in walking distance from my home, everything I need is there, work, shopping, library, parks are only a 10 minute walk; I rarely use my car unless the weather is crazy or when I just want to go for a drive in the country which is also close by, 15 minute drive and all you see is farm land which gives way to forest. Life is good, Monday going to work with a weight lifted off my shoulders and a smile on my face, the divorce was final as of Friday.

Walking into my office the first thing I noticed were flowers on my desk and on an end table. Looking at the first card it was from Ray who works in receiving, it said “Glad to hear your single, maybe we could do lunch”

Next bouquet was a combination of all the flowers I love, this person must actually know me it was from Shelly when I read this card I laughed out loud “Glad to hear you are single maybe we could do lunch” It is nice to know I now have choices.

Turning to the voice which was asking me a question; I see Paul sweet looking Paul asking me: “Marg, where do you think the Simpson file is?”

“Paul it should be on June’s desk she was going over some type o’s that I found.”

“Oh good, I need it for a meeting after lunch.”
“Ah, speaking of lunch Paul, do you have plans; I was thinking I would like to try the new Chinese place in town?”

“That sounds great, how about noon, that should give me time to eat, we can talk shop is you do not mind, I would like to pick your brain dealing with the Simpson account.”

“Sounds like my kind of power lunch” in my head I was thinking about him being desert.

Lunch was great I think a lot of things but never have the nerve to follow through which means I did not have Paul for desert, yet I still thought about it; beads of sweat appeared on my lower lip as I pondered it so thoroughly.

Some say things like, people can change if they want too, or so and so has mellowed, I really do not know what that really means or even if it is possible. Doug and I have been divorced for nearly a year, and those are the things I have heard frequently about Doug. He found his true love and he has mellowed. Really, I will not question the wisdom of that statement time will tell if he has truly changed.

I did have my desert and Paul was worth waiting for, we both agreed neither of us wanted a real relationship, me coming off the divorce he still grieving the loss of his finance; so friendship with benefits is fine with me. I have to admit Paul and I do not have much more then wanting the benefits in common.

I have been seeing Paul for over a year we are planning a weekend getaway to a cabin in the woods. We have decided this will be our last beneficial time together. Knowing neither of us will move on nor grow emotionally unless we stop making this convenient relationship  the only entertainment in our lives. It makes it more difficult to find someone who we would have more in common with.

I will miss the sex that is where we have much in common. The cabin was perfect; I made a fire in the fire place, actually showing Paul how it is done. Then we bounced each other off the walls with passion. Yes indeed this will be something I will miss, unless the person who comes into my life is as good as Paul.

I no sooner unpacked my bag and put on running shoes and shorts there was a knock at my door.

Looking through a side window I notice a tall well-built 40 ish man with thick sandy colored hair a touch of grey at the temples. He wore a Camel colored sport coat over jeans. Calling out the window I asked “Can I help you?”

He turned towards me showing what looked like a badge saying “Yes mam, my name is Detective Sorenson, are you Margaret Markowski?” 

“I was, I am now Margaret Paulson, just one moment I will let you in.”

Opening the door and getting a better look at him I was thrilled to my neither region when I saw his blue eyes, holy guacamole he is handsome.

“Come in Detective; can I get you anything, coffee, water?”

“No mam I have a couple of questions is all.”

“Ok, how can I help you?”

“When was the last time you seen Douglas Markowski?”

I blinked and said “Over 2 years, ever since the gavel hit the desk, and the ink dried on the divorce papers.”

“Candy Markowski had made a statement that Doug and you had a volatile relationship.”

I could not help it I laughed hard at that when I answered I tried my best to not let it sound too sarcastic “Volatile relationship, well if you consider him sucker punching me when his life took a turn, or when he got even with me for not leaving the seat up on the toilet.”

Now it was his turn to blink and laugh “Not leaving the toilet seat up?”

“Yes, Doug believed if women wanted equal rights, then damn it they can leave the toilet seat up after using the bathroom, it is only courteous.”

We both laughed and he then said “You know may be I will take that cup of coffee” He was shaking his head as he said this, with a sweet smile on his face. Oh brother there is that bead of sweat on my upper lip again. Hmmm desert me thinks would be nice with this one.

As it turns out Doug has been missing for 2 weeks Candy Markowski, Doug’s waitress wife reported him missing this past Friday.  Seems Doug has been known to stay away from home more than a night or two so Candy did not give it another thought. Oh yes let me not forget that she did confess to being sucker punched on occasion.

Detective Sorenson and I chatted for more than an hour; he is new to the department taking Detective Bagley’s place after he retired. Mike is not married; divorced for 2 years, she did not want to make the move to a small town. Her loss my gain; and who cares what happened to Doug, Karma I hope.

Mike and I agreed to golf on his next day off in a week, I will need to take the day off because Mike does not have regular hours, he works 6 days on 2 days off, which is fine with me. I did wonder if playing golf with a suspect in an ongoing investigation was against some rule, Mike figured he would have it wrapped up by then.

 Would it not be perfect Karma that Doug being missing and Mike coming into my life and we live happily ever after the best revenge?

Well the investigation was not complete but I was off the list of suspects, and it did a bazaar turn. Candy Markowski is not legally married to Douglas Markowski because Candy is actually Candy Paulson, married to John Paulson who has just been released from prison which he was incarcerated for aggravated assault, sale of narcotics, breaking and entering, yes the list goes on. Seems these two concocted a plan that Candy would sweep Doug off his feet insist on him divorcing me and they marry, which gave Candy access to Doug’s bank account.

Candy started to sing a song that included John finding out about the sucker punching going on and he made sure Doug would not hit Candy again, in bed or otherwise.  They are still looking for Doug’s body; John Paulson figures no body no murder charge. He was wrong, but thanks to these two my now Husband Detective Michael Sorenson and I are expecting our first child, or should I say children; twins, good grief twins..











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