The Day’s Journey

It is just a journey each day we have; trying to fill it with work or trivial pursuits truly is up to us as a gift of sorts. This day started differently than others, being that it is July which normally this time of year it is warm, I am sitting here in a sweat shirt, it is cold even though the forecast called for mid to upper 80’s and thunderstorms. Many weather alerts, I watch the sky it is clear as a bell no wind and incredibly quiet.

I guess it is time to at least venture outside and walk a bit, before the weather changes, wish I could get warm. I did not check the clock it must be too early or the critters know something I do not know, no scurrying chipmunks, nor squirrels endless chatter in the trees, protecting their young.

Oh there is my neighbor Mildred, I have not seen her out walking since her accident, and no walker how wonderful. “Hey Millie wait up, let me join you in!”

It takes some real effort to catch up to her I look over at her the smile on her face is so peaceful and truly enjoying her walk.

“Hello Susan, how are you doing, isn’t this just as predicted, a great and awesome day, another perfect journey.”

“I’ll say, and I am glad to see you no longer need your walker, although you are not wearing a sweater or anything, I am freezing.”

“Oh the coldness will pass, yes as promised I was able to throw the walker away, and I really am enjoying my new found freedom, you know the saying I am free at last Great God Almighty I am free at last.”

“I truly can understand that, today I finally do not feel my fibromyalgia pain, I cannot figure out why, but I am not complaining, still for July it sure is a bit nippy.”

Just then along came Mildred’s dog Fido, yes she actually called that mixed mutt Fido, he came running up to us with such a smile, guess he did not want to be left behind. For an old dog he sure has the spunk and energy of a young pup, romping around and chasing the other dog that was playing by a tree.

“Mildred aren’t you worried Fido will be hit by a car running free with no leash or anything?”

“Not at all, he knows his boundaries and he deserves the same freedom as we do, smiling and romping.”

“Look Susan there’s Clair, hey Clair over here!”

Now this is odd, Clair looks to be about 35 I know for a fact she is 70 that cannot be Clair, it has to be her granddaughter who looks just like her.  As she approaches I am taken aback as to how much she looks like her Grandmother, she has a sweatshirt tied around her waist, she is beaming with joy and energy. I am finally starting to warm up a bit, just about ready to tie my sweatshirt around my waist.

“So Clair, how’s it feel to be out walking without any help from your wheelchair?”

“Mildred it is so incredibly wonderful, did you see Sam and Charles they were tending their garden, picking tomatoes, and squash. Their roses are just to die for, that has always been their first love, their gardens.”

“I should say so, have not seen them yet but I will walk over to take a look, are they still dueling over who has the best gardens? Have Mona and Judy shown up yet?”

“Yes they have they are in the kitchen doing their own dueling, who can bake the best bread or pie, and what is wonderful to hear is the laughter coming between the houses, those two were always like sisters in competition, we were the winners all of us; the neighborhood ended up having the picnic in their back yards with great food, do you remember those heavenly picnics?”

“Oh Clair I remember those all too well, I really have missed them, Susan that was before you moved into the neighborhood, you will love it, we all had a feast for our stomachs and our eyes.”

At this point I am so confused, I know Sam and Charles they were the widowers down the street, Mona was married to Sam for 50 years when she passed, I think Sam told me the story of how they met and married at least 50 times, and Charles was married to Judy for 51 years, Charles laughed when he would tell me that this was one time he won being that he was married 51 years and Sam was only married 50 years. None of this conversation is making sense to me, but I am finally warm enough to take my sweatshirt off. I was shocked as we crossed the street standing at the curb with his arms out is my husband, I slowly and tentatively walk up to him, he wraps his arm around me and hugs me, I smell his scent he kisses me, I start to weep with joy, and just then it dawns on me, the storm passed and I was deemed worthy for heaven.


3 thoughts on “The Day’s Journey

    • So glad you like it ,inspired by a dear Friend on life support and another friend who contracted Lyme’s disease, she is taking care of her husband who is battling throat cancer


      • I am so sorry to hear that. Lyme disease get’s too little attention these days by far. It is slowly growing into a big threat.

        And cancer… cancer is a terrible, terrible monster.

        My deepest prayers for all 3 of them.

        Liked by 1 person

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