Storm and Change Poem

In the real world storms appear

While on your journey to somewhere

Enjoy your journey while sun shines

Each turn in the road

Can bring change along the line

Stand firm in faith

As the tumult spews

Walk through this whirlwind

You did not choose

Yet on the other side

This storm may bring change

Your feet firmly planted

Till the sun shines again


In the real world

Storms always unnerve me, leaving me feeling helpless. Having no control of my environment, I get where this comes from even beyond tornadoes, any storm can bring destruction or merely just damage. I have faith, I struggle with my conclusions at times, dreams, advice I try to search for meaning in them. Sometimes I think where I go wrong is within my search my heart tells my head the way I want it to turn out, which translates the message into something that I want when in fact it was telling me something totally different.

Case in point, my new job; don’t get me wrong I like my job, yet I envisioned it to be more rewarding financially and creatively. Instead it leaves me pinching pennies, and being bored out of my mind sitting in a cubicle being the goffer for those who do not appreciate the challenge their jobs gives them every day. They complain it is too stressful, where I sit; it is an opportunity for creativity and advancement. They do one on one with clients, encouraging them to see their product in a whole new way reaching potential customers with inventive avenues of advertising.

In high school I made extra money walking up and down the street with high heels, black skirt to my knees with a slit up one side to my thigh. My blouse was white silk tastefully set off with a long gold chain, a gold heart nestled in its crook. The sign I carried was well made, it said “Need a night out with your wife, take her to Salvo’s” Salvo’s business gained 20% more clientele; the male customers asked if I would be waiting on them. Some were disappointed while others enjoyed Salvos big busted daughters.

I guess what I need to do is advertise myself, my ability to do their jobs, if given the opportunity. Once the bosses see what I am capable of I could be promoted.

If my immediate boss was absent say for a vacation, or death in the family I would be his stand in, I just need the opportunity to show what I have to offer. Or maybe since I know the clients, submit my idea’s to my boss’s boss. That is something I will start working on, the Clément’s account is the toughest one, their company makes wine, the wines are not the usual Cabernets, Merlots, and Zinfandels  those are offered but what they specialize in are mix blends, Cabernet cherry wine, Merlot blackberry pin, Zinfandel kiwi pin, not your uppity wine. I am thinking more along the line of those who drink beer may try a glass of wine instead of shot of whisky or their wives instead of a sweet mixed drinks.

Since everyone had fresh coffee their favorite snack, donut, croissant, or cookie, all their messages returned it is now 2pm this is when I get bored, their needs are met, my time now will be spent writing a proposal and giving it to my boss’s boss.

It took me two drafts, 1 and a half hours but I am satisfied with what I wrote, telling Mr. Carver my need for more stimulus, money, and demonstrating my ability to think outside the box. The commercial will present well on radio, rock station, country, even Jazz, a male announcer would say “We have the wine you would put your beer down for, not the kind you hold your pinky up with; no we have a different finger for those types, try our Cherry pin, Blackberry satin, even our tart Kiwi punch.”

I handed this to Mr. Carver directly told him why I was handing this to him and asked him to give me a chance. Turning I said “Have a nice evening Mr. Carver.”

Walking out the door after punching my time card I was pleased with myself, so I treated myself to a meal at Salvo’s called my boyfriend and told him I was treating. Over dinner I told Craig what I had done; he said that will get you fired, get you a promotion or get you a raise. I said I could use the extra money, he said that was not the kind of raise I meant.

I laughed at him and said “All you think about is sex, come on I am serious, I believe he will love what I presented.”

Craig responded “Yes we all think about sex, I see it happening this way, he will pretend you did not give him anything, and present it as his idea, then you will go to him and he will say something like , “we can share the kudos if you will “ He will explain what the will be. Dawn you should had talked this over with me, we could have come up with a different way.”

That made me mad, I do not need any man to tell me how things should be, nor do I need their advice.

Craig knowing my mood change he said “Sorry Dawn it is still the way of the world.”

Next day at work there was a big meeting in the main conference room, I was tasked with refreshments, loading the tea cart, as quietly as possible I enter the room and started placing items out as each person asked . Mr. Carver was standing with laser pointing to his presentation, just as Craig said he would it was my proposal.

Now I am paying attention, so instead of approaching Mr. Carver in private, I said it straight up in front of the client.

Standing straight and professional I said “Thank you Mr. Carver, for presenting my ideas so eloquently, one thing I left out of what I shared with you is, another sector we should consider is, billboards, with your product clearly presented, the caption would be” Pretentious is passé loving life is what it’s all about” This received a round of applause, Mr. Carver was none too pleased but he smiled and nodded and said “This is Dawn Michaels, she is our go to girl, and wants to be more.”

The client’s spokesperson Mr. Craft said “Well I think you should give this girl whatever she wants, this was the best idea we have heard thus far.”

I nodded and said thank you, not looking up at Mr. Carver knowing full well he was pissed. Went back to my desk and called Craig told him what had happened he said “Good for you but Dawn watch your back, Morris will not like being side stepped, and Mr. Carver will not like being up staged, they cannot fire you but fur will fly.” I agreed and decided to take the humble contrite approach. The meeting adjourned with handshakes and back slapping, Mr. Carver motioned for me to come into his office. I was thrilled I knew I proved myself and now is my chance.

Walking in Mr. Carver had a smirk on his face and said “Dawn, it truly is unfortunate that you stepped over your boundaries, Clear out your desk you no longer work here, if you put us down as a reference I will tell who ever calls you were inept and insubordinate”

This took my breath away I gave myself a moment, clicked on my phone to record the conversation “Mr. Carver I clearly gave you the presentation that I put together, I truly believed that you were presenting it as if we both came up with it, I understand that since I am not in a position to present a propsal myself, it is only logical to do this for the client, but why fire me.”

His rebuttal was “ I do not owe you anything, just because you handed it to me does not mean you get credit, ask anyone here you have to pay your dues, you cannot expect to get far in only the 6 months you have been here, we have each other’s backs, this is a team effort if you step over one of the team members, you will be chastised as I have just done to you, you should have taken this to your immediate boss.”

I clicked off my phone and said “I understand, and then I took this to Craig, since he is the best attorney in this town and said, ok now what?”

Took a year but it was so worth it, I not only received back pay at the amount I make now, which is what Mr. Carver made, since I have his job, but the Clements stated they would only work with me and many clients followed suit.

You see it is not what you know but who you know in the corporate world, my next client is a senator who has had an issue with infidelity and graft he needs to look squeaky clean, I need to start a campaign in the commercial world to build that rep along with his handlers they want him to be presidential material in 2 years.

Natures sacrifice Poem

Natures sacrifice

As life goes no blossoms some seasons,

Yet the apple tree held its fruit

The fruit is not spread amongst its limbs

Ney upon one limb

Why is that limb baring fruit?

While the other limbs are barren?

Sacrificing itself for other creatures

As the wild life eat it,

They cast off waste, plant seeds

Another tree grows to fulfill a need.

Just a day muse

Just a day

Tree frogs chatter their conspiracies amongst themselves we will never understand. Each creature has its way of announcing danger in the land. Their voices sing the warning clear to those who know danger now is near. Yet one species has not gotten the memo, how to communicate without a bellow; bringing in even their own familial clan they falter instead they demand. What shall I say as nature speaks clearly the higher species has failed completely?  Has being the higher intelligence been our downfall, I say it is our egos of the know it all, if you hear the crow letting you know there are many caws to be heard for all, it is not one voice speaking of danger, they manage the damage amongst the frame work, of one hears, one sees, others move through the trees, calling the warning each moves in sync, why is that humans cannot do this you think?

Summer Storm

Summer storm

The announcement made with thunder

Each cloud dances in place

A cadence of movement

Brings dramas brilliant colors

Greys mix then blue with reds

Each tells us of a thunder head

The rain falls upon the earth

Smell of wet grass and cooling of hot pavement

Seeping into the loam

Damp earth gives a moan

Relief is brought to the parched earth

Thanking the rain for bringing its mirth

Rain is needed to supply growth

For life is not just sunshine

Each day brings its cadence

To the souls growth

Treasured Memories

Treasured memories

Screaming running through the sprinkler, children’s voices float through the air as cumulus clouds on a brilliant blue sky; smell of wet grass makes this day another specialty of summer. Air has a warm clean quality to it, moments of ozone drift through, perfection is the order of the day. The ever so subtle wafting of a grill with hamburgers and hot dogs being readied for hungry tricycle motors, hearty appetites with giddy laughter amongst teasing and skipping. Back yards are a haven for blow up swimming pools, moms and dads smiling in remembrance of being a kid in the summer.

In the distance an echo from an ambulance siren stirs the air; no one pays to much attention, at this moment it is all about the chaos of scarfing down hot dogs with all the fixings. Potato salad, potato chips, kool aid; beer for mom and dad, snap is the sound and the fizzle of a  can; the first cold beer is opened, the bitter nearly sour smell is inviting as the dad tending the barbeque quenches his thirst.

After the kids and parents were done consuming an enormous amount of food, everyone settled in to satisfied discomfort. Some of the kids went home because they were getting cranky, needing a nap while others laid on blankets in the sun and fell asleep; finally some peace and quiet for mom and dad needing to be alone with each other and their own thoughts of summer and family.

Another wail of a siren this time more imminent penetrating the calm and serenity of this wholesome back yard oasis; dad whose name is Joe got up from his lawn chair with beer in hand looked over the hedge across the street to the Wilson’s residence. Joe speaks over his shoulder to his wife Marie “Wonder what is going on at the Wilsons? There are police cars, an ambulance.”

Marie rose from her chair slowly walked over to be near her husband mostly due to curiosity rather than concern she says “It doesn’t surprise me there was so much yelling coming out of that house.”

Joe responds “Yelling really? I never heard yelling.”

Marie authoratively if not in a conspiratorial gossip voice says “Oh they start midafternoon, by the time you get home from work I think they drunk themselves into a stupor and fell asleep till way past us going to bed. That is why I insist on closing the windows at night just in case they get started again.”

Marie turned to the voice coming from the right of her, the neighbors are now next to them comparing notes each one has a story to tell tsk tsk is heard  also heard was comments like “ such behavior there should be a law”.

Just then a gurney is brought out of the Wilson’s house, black zipped up bag with the remains of Mrs. Wilson, the neighborhood later found out the raucous they heard was Mr. Wilson getting drunk then fighting with his wife, this time the fight took a life. Still the summer went on without a glitch, the gossip died down soon after and life never skipped a beat on Memory Lane.





Stone heart

Heart of stone

There are bridges you cannot burn, there are hearts you cannot break, and they are stone made by the beating of those with no heart, leaving the remnants of a shell made of stone. Try to cross this bridge when you come to it, may be hazardous to your health, its sharp edges leave indentions in the souls of those who try.  Yet as those who cross over giving them their best as thy go, will work as a rock tumbler smoothing the sharp edges. This bridge may never be crossed as  a soft surface, yet the crossing will become more of a pleasure. Learning from the soul within which has taken the hard knocks, over time and the weather beating, beauty can be attained, the journey still has hardened a portion of this bridge, yet the hardening has left wisdom for those who are fighting the sharp edges of their own.

Some try to cross this bridge believing they can help; instead they run for their lives with edges of their own. Let not your judgment come upon this bridge you will lose your battle every time. This sturdy structure knows a lie, the betrayal behind the fake façade. There is nothing fake about this bridge, now covered with wisdom; ever blooming vines grow, showing off the splendor of a victory garden.

If you try and pull the weeds from this garden, you will fail once again, pulling a flower or a bud will only pull from its foundation but will then be left less over time. Leave this bridge to its victory and allow the garden to grow, weeds become wild flowers all its splendor is what God’s love is all about.

As the bough of man breaks (Short muse)


The wind brings with it sound and drama, each leaf dances its own dance with the sound of its own movement, as the bough creaks stress the trunk being pulled into forced direction. This drama is a dance of the season, leaves change with each lights minutes absences. Walking amongst nature you get a feel for the drawing back of the sun, how it affects all it touches its absence is felt all around us.

Absence they say makes the heart grow fonder, yet our fondness to the warmth of the sun, which we are drawn too, is the same need a child is drawn to its mother, a mother is drawn to her child. Or the first kiss producing an integral need which brings life into the loins of the woman. All the natural dances brings occurrence of a natural process. When this process is shortened we diminish its gift.

I am reminded of the loss of my parents their voices silenced in my daily living, not long did the remembrance of each treble of their individual voices left my    heart wanting to hear them again. What they left me was the instructions instilled in me as I matured.

Our steps are guided by our choices, as with the winds movement it leaves within its path change. This change it seems at times not for the better, yet from this change as the tree falls, it makes a habitat for creatures and the ground is nourished. We mourn the loss of each tree its intricate beauty will be missed, yet the new sprout brings new beginnings thus the cycle continues.

Our rhythm can be disturbed by the smallest wind, closing a window because of its chill, or being soothed by it when you’re too warm. How do I fit into this rhythm while I walk through my life, shall I distort it with anger and hate, or shall I contribute with the substance of gentleness and love; everyone walks by the beat of a different drummer, each step fall is meant to bring cohesive balance to the world around us.  

I have this muse while holding a gun for my country in a fox hole; hope to grasp the need to do what I do. Will I walk this world with peace of mind when home amongst those who love me, or will the bough of my mind be broken to only creak and punish those around me for my out of step rhythm brought back from this hell called war. My father had his rhythm broken promptly through stalwart sadness, which they call PTSD post-traumatic stress syndrome. If man is alone in the forest of depression will anyone hear the fall? A tree may fall all the creatures hear and sense the change in their environment; as my musing mind reaches its conclusion will anyone care?


Nights sky (Poem)

The Night Sky

The night sky shares its promise

A tomorrow is around the next hour

We have a chance to make things right

We have a chance to be wrong

Each day has its beginning and end

Each day holds its promise for us

How shall I move forward when I awake?

This is the promise each day gives us.

Shall I pursue the horizon?

Or stay confined in my world?