Some days Poem

Some days

Some days I want to run away

Not just in my dreams

Reality is to delicate or may be harsh

I speak my mind others defend theirs

Yet their hearts or minds defended

I cannot unscramble this

My mind says do not worry

My heart gets a nick

Yet I am strong not weak

How do I ponder these intrusions?

In this reality of unreality

The cyber world is it truth we see?

This is still just me pondering

My life and my reality

Where is truth?

Yes it lays within me

My lines are drawn

Some say closed minded

Where is the line

Between openness of mind

Where my mind falls out

Is there integrity in that?

Again I become an obscurity

In the cyber world not

Wanting confrontation

My heart is peaceful

Yet their fists are emotional

I will pursue peace

Not to justify my reality

But to understand theirs

Let there be peace


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