2 short stories


Being yourself:  Short story fiction

Throughout his 30 years there were very few people who understood his need for intimacy, not just sex, but something deeper. When he reached adolescents his peers said he was gay that sex was what it was about not all the added feelings. Yet the girls liked him just fine, except mostly as a guy friend not a boyfriend. When he met Samantha he thought for sure he met the one, till death do you part one. Their marriage lasted 4 years, till she met a construction worker who drank and rode a motorcycle, it seems Samantha became bored with the mundane, slow love making, flowers, lovely dinners, serenading. You see Luke had a beautiful voice could play the piano or guitar. He loved to serenade Samantha. Instead she left with her new love on his thunderous stead never to be seen again, leaving him to file for divorce.

The women at work decried what a horrible person Samantha was not appreciating his sweetness. He knew they would probably be bored with him if they were married. Yet, as a romantic, he wanted to try again. This time instead of meeting someone at church as he did Samantha, Luke decided to go to a bar, not just any bar, but a well-known pick up bar, the guys called it the meat market, the actual name was Meet at Mikes.

Changing his appearance as not to draw undue attention he bought himself some faded Levis, pairing it with a Henley shirt, tennis shoes. His normal attire was a bit too formal for this venue, being it, dress slacks and shirt; he was most comfortable in. He felt out of sorts in jeans, but this was going to be breaking out and being a bit crazy, you want danger from Luke this is as dangerous as it gets.

He also decided not to go for the girl next door look, he wanted a bit more spice to his next love maybe he can learn something from her.

Sitting at the bar he ordered a beer, which was another thing he was not accustomed to he preferred wine. Trying to relax himself, concentrating on his breathing, speaking to every muscle and nerve ending, “Relax, and enjoy yourself this will be fun” Third time running through his head is when a tall brunette walked up to the bar and sat next to him and ordered a Margarita, she did not look his way but the bartender seemed to know her, he smiled and said “Hey Terry” She replied “Hey Mike, busy tonight I see?”

Mike leaned in and they chatted quietly, then walked away to tend to customers at the end of the bar.

I was looking directly at her, noticing a tattoo peeking beneath the sheer blouse she wore, skin tight black jeans. She was very attractive, and would look good even without all the makeup.

Taking a breath he spoke to her “Hi, Terry my name is Luke.”

Her smile was enchanting, eyes twinkled as she said “Hey Luke, is this your first time here.”

Nodding he said “Yes, I thought I would risk something beyond my comfort zone.”

She laughed and said “Oh your out for risky business?”

He blushed and said “Not really, just thinking my good guy life has become routine and does not seem to work for me.”

As they chatted they shared the pit falls of relationships, hers was a long term and his marriage. By the end of the night they shared, stories of growing up, pizza and plenty of alcohol. Neither drove to the bar, so they shared a taxi ending up the evening at her place.

As they shared the second time around in her bed, the door opened, and so did the firing of a gun. Both were gone with one shot because he was on top, it went through and through.

Luke wanted something different, Samantha wanted Terry, seems Samantha did not want to have Mike’s brother Dave; she had wanted Terry all along. Samantha decided that if she could not have Terry no one could. Samantha figured that even if she got caught it would be worth it, she was done being the nice girl who goes to church every Sunday.


All things point to you

She walked slowly along the beach remembering meeting him when he was working as a life guard in the summer using the money to put himself through college along with his second job working nights at the local Home Depot. He was the first to strike up a conversation as she walked by, the memory still made her blush.

He said “Hey beautiful do you know your suit has a hole in it, I am not complaining, from what I can see it is quite nice.”

She rushed to the bath house to check, sure enough right on the left cheek of her suit, realizing it must have happened when her suit snagged on the seat of a picnic table. Berating herself how she could be so stupid, wrapping the towel around her she decided to call it a day. Coming out of the woman’s room, he was standing there looking tan and sexy, arms crossed leaning against the wall fully dressed.

Again he was the first to speak “Hey I did not mean to embarrass you, please let me buy you lunch before I go to my next job.”

She was looking down and away when he first spoke, she turned her head slightly up and towards him to see if she could tell what he was really thinking. His eyes were sincere, with just a hint of mischief, and she could not fault him for that, had she been in his shoes she would had found humor in the situation as well.

Mustering courage she agreed to have lunch. They met at the Olive Garden, spent over an hour talking and sharing. They had so much in common, the biggest difference is her parents could afford to send her through college, where as he had to pay his own way. He did not seem jealous of the fact, instead he said; when he had kids he would want them to do the same. He felt it built character. She agreed to have him over for a late pizza and beer at her place. The rest of the summer flew by; both parents were in favor of the relationship cautioning them not to rush into anything wanting them to wait till they got out of school. She was nearly done with her teaching degree; he had a ways to go becoming a doctor. The way they figured it she could get a teaching job to help with his tuition, he could go to school year round. So they eloped, told the parents who were resigned to the fact they were now married, not bothering to admonishing them, in fact helped financially as best they could that first year.

Taking a week off that following summer before he went to do his residency at the local hospital they went to the beach where they met. Laying in the sun enjoying the time together, a woman’s scream reached them with such urgency, his background as a life guard and now going onto being a doctor, he got up and ran to the woman, she pointed to the water, said she could not swim but her son of 7 went too far, he could not swim either.

She stayed with the woman to comfort her, they watched in horror when the Jet Ski went by he was coming out of the water holding her son when the impact took them down. Neither recovered from their injuries she stayed friends with the boy’s mother both grieving in their own way, she came here weather permitting walking the beach reminiscing her husbands touch.


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