The leaf

the leaf (640x480)

The leaf

Walking out the door on an autumn morning is a pleasure before work, leaves rustle and crisp sounds delight the hearing as the warming of the sun delight the sense of smell. Rose enjoyed fall with a passion, remembering as a little girl her dad would rake leaves leaving the pile just long enough for her to get tired of flopping around on it with her dog Spike.

This morning Rose decided to walk to work, she left the house a half hour early to give her plenty of time; she could always hitch a ride home with a co-worker since 3 of them are her neighbors. Or even call her husband Mike to pick her up on his way home, but that would mean she would have an hour to kill before he got off work, not a problem there was a couple of shops she liked meandering around in near her work, one was a used bookstore, she had been waiting for a particular book called Bones, Carly the owner of the bookstore called said she would hold the book for 48 hours giving her time to get there and purchase it.

Rose’s job was simple; she basically was a secretary, gofer at an insurance agency. This particular day was pleasant from the start; it flew by, before she knew it her co-workers had left, two of which left early because the day was so beautiful. Rose called her husband he agreed to pick her up and even suggested instead of making dinner they would go out to eat. Yes, a perfect day all around is what Rose was thinking when she walked into that bookstore. Her and Carly had so much in common both being book junkies, music junkies,  they could possibly talk the full hour, Rose had told her husband Mike to pick her up at the bookstore.

Walking into Bookworm used books, Carly’s register was at the door,  where she could face those browsing the books, there was a large window which lit a good portion of the store. Carly was swamped so Rose pitched in by manning the register while Carly helped people find what they wanted, for this Carly said Rose could have the book for free. Yes, another plus to a perfect day.

Things started to finally slow down and Carly was walking to the register, Rose seen the alarm in Carly’s face but did not have time to tell Rose to run. The car came through the window with a roar of the engine, hitting Rose propelling her over the counter into a bookshelf which toppled on top of her. You could hear a man scream Rose’s name, Mike came running into the store joined the others trying to pull the books and shelving off his wife Rose.

Rose was face down her body was between the dividers of the shelving unit, just when Mike was about to roll Rose over a woman said “Do not move her let me assess her first, I am a doctor, please do not move her.”

Mike and Carly stood in suspended horror waiting for this woman to check and see if anything was broken as the woman slowly and carefully with the help of a paramedic and a body board turned Rose over; Rose groaned. Relief filled Mike and Carly, Rose is still alive. The Doctor spoke to Rose in a quiet tone “What is your name dear?”


“Do you know what day it is?”

“Yes, Monday, what happened?”

“There has been an accident; a car came through the window.”

“I think I am alright, let me try and sit up.”

“Honey I would rather you not till we get some X rays please lie still.”

By now Mike had pushed his way so he could be next to Rose as they put her in the ambulance, he said to her “Rose I love you, I will be at the hospital as soon as I can get there.”  “Rose called back “I love you too!”

The person who was driving the car was taken to the hospital as well; a male in his 60’s died of a heart attack.

Mike came into the emergency entrance and was directed to bay 4, as he entered he seen Rose sitting up, a bit shaken and bruised, had stitches in one arm  a cut from glass, they said she suffered a concussion and watch her for 24 hours, they were optimistic saying she would be ok.

Mike and Rose did go out to have a light dinner, Rose was in no mood to linger she had a headache that seemed to be getting worse, all she could think about was going home and going to bed. Mike told her he would wake her every hour just to be sure she was ok. Mike did this until 4am when he fell asleep, he awoke to the alarm at 7am, in a panic realizing he fell asleep he went to Rose to wake her. Rose did not wake up.


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