Don’t bring me down Short story

Don’t bring me down:   Short story

There was an old song with the lyrics just seems to suit me and the way I live my life. Don’t bring me down; no bummers keep your negative yammering to yourself. Which seems especially in the work place, it’s hard to do; so many live their lives in such dissatisfaction, not positive reactions to things that happen to them in life. Wearing their hearts on their sleeves is another old saying. I keep my stuff to myself it seems in time things work out just fine, takes planning and a firm decision to live positively.

For example my mom had this habit of telling everyone about her aches and pains, I was appalled she once showed my aunt her caesarian scar from when she had me. I am 30 years old for heaven sake get over it. I told her one time how that embarrassed me; she said that I need to lighten up. Ok I did lighten up I laughed when she fell on ice and told her now she has another scar and tragedy she can obsess over. When my dad left us it hurt me, yet I understood how some men cannot be strong role models because they are weak minded. Mom of course obsessed over what a horrible person he was, she did that for years, and one day I told her if she keeps doing that she will not meet the right guy. This time she seemed to listen, she became a bit more positive like me. Now when she dates she expects him to be gentleman open doors, buy the meals. One day she brought this guy home his name is Max. Mom went on and on about what a great guy Max is, he is such a gentleman. So I decided to go over on a Sunday morning figuring Max spent the night; I made coffee, put bacon in the oven; less messy that way, I was sure the aromas would waft up the stairs. Sure enough first one down and fully dressed I might add was Max, smiling and said “Good Morning you must be Paul?” He reached out his hand to shake mine; I wanted to see what he was made of so I squeezed hard. He squeezed back, so I squeezed harder. When mom came down stairs we must have looked like we were arm wrestling. She told me to knock it off, I did, Max did not he just grinned held for a few more beats then released.

I said to Max soft enough so mom would not hear “That was uncalled for, holding for an extra beat.”

Max slapped me on the back and said “Oh stop whining and Man up”

My mom heard what he said turned to me and said “See Paul I told you he was special.”

Ok so mom has an asshole for a boyfriend let’s see how long this lasts. You see I do not get upset, I know in due time this too shall pass.

I work in a warehouse store, managing the electronics department. It was a Tuesday when Max came into the store he was looking for a new TV, we chatted over the pros and cons of each brand we had in stock, at the end of a half hour he made his purchase and then invited me to a barbeque at his house Saturday night, told me I could bring a date.

I have been dating the same girl for a year her name is Christine. When I asked Christine if she would want to go she said yes, she asked me what Max did for a living, I laughed and said I did not know. That surprised her, she asked me why I did not know because this man seems to be important to your mom; she said I should take an interest; it is the right thing to do. She was right, I guess I figured it would not last so when we went Saturday I asked Max what he did for a living, he smiled and said he is a retired Marine Cornel and is now a consultant for industry wanting to help in reconstruction efforts.

Ok I have to admit that impressed me. As the evening progressed I notice Christine talking to one of Max’s friends a bit too much. I am not the jealous type but this started to annoy me. I walked up to her and asked if she wanted another drink, she said “No thank you Mike has been keeping my glass full.”

I whispered in her ear “Hey your with me remember?”

She replied “I know; you are not jealous are you?”

So I stood silently not wanting to make a scene while this guy came onto my girl, till finally I spoke up “Hey Mike why didn’t you bring a date.”

Mike said “I was hoping to meet someone here, and so I did.”

I said “She is with me!”

He said “Let her decide who she is with.”

At that Christine leaned towards Mike ever so slightly and said to Mike “Looks like I am going to need a ride home.”

Mike smiled and said “No problem darling.”

I started to leave the back yard, so pissed off I did not see the cement bench which caught my left leg, sent me flying into the bushes, my foot had caught a leg of the bench when I went down I heard a snap.

Max came over as I was groaning that I think I broke my leg he laughed and said “Oh come on man up this will give you something to be positive about.”

It took me a while to get over Christine especially when I found out her and Mike got married. So I am still positive but a bit more understanding. It will take time for me to trust a girl so now I get why my mom moaned about my dad leaving. I did have a sit down with Max and he admitted my mom told him a few things about me. We agreed not to be so hard on each other and if I needed to talk let him know. Mom and Max got married yesterday, I met a nice girl at their wedding she is Max’s niece her name is Sabrina.


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