Memories Loss

IMG_0403 (640x480)

A toy sits as a memory of loss

Child or pet the tears in one’s soul is the cost

A song sung tells a story of another

A family member taken

The loss is the same, cannot be mistaken

Where is the healing of the tare?

The counter weight we wear.

The tears do not lessen

The weight within our hearts

When will this heaviness depart?

Shall it be lifted in time?

Or will it be brine?

Salt in the wound continually searing

Heart on my sleeve I will be wearing

Let my souls anguish be heard

With no word spoken

Before my heart becomes a token

For another’s love song

Sung to another

Through lyrics of despair

That makes others shudder.

Souls of all saints they speak easy about

Milling around while others shout,

Trick or treat they say is neat,

Yet to me my heart feels defeat.

How can we rejoice in the loss of another?

Or is this a holiday of disguise

Not from the wise but another?


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