Feeling lost Chapter 3

Once we lay quiet, Mike said he would dress and bring some take out.

I said “You do not have to do that, I will grab a sundress, sandals let’s go and see if we can find something open and have a nice meal, something within walking distance. He agreed as long as he was allowed to get into something more casual. Mike called the restaurant he had booked for us and made the apologies, saying we were uncontrollably detained. The Matradee said that they still had a table, the menu at this time of the night is lighter but still interesting.

We were out the door and in a cab within 20 minutes, arriving at the restaurant 10 minutes later. There is something about how Mike places his left hand at the small of my back; it keeps my pulse stuttering. I have never reacted to anyone the way I do him, not sure what this is yet, I mentally tell myself not to  over think as I have in the past, just dance with it as my sister used to say. If you just go with the flow; that is just moving along with whatever is propelling you, you want to dance with it, that way the steps can be changed with the music of the moment, become part of the music.

Yes that is it that is what I am feeling with Mike I am part of the music. We sat across from each other in the back corner of the restaurant. I would like to say that we only had eyes for each other and there was no other in the world at this moment; that was not the case nor was it possible; our waiter wanted to get an award for being the most personable and attentive waiter on earth.

Our waiter’s name was Carl, he was the most Indian man I have ever met; we thought it hilarious that his name was Carl. I asked if he changed his name or was he named this by his parents. He smiled and said “My mother was a big Carl Malden fan, and thought I would be as strong and brilliant.”

Mike and I laughed at that even the next morning over breakfast. I was checking my watch when Mike said “Lyndsey, I know we will have maybe 2 weeks here together, I would also like to have more time to get to know you State Side.”

I told Mike that I would like that as well. We said our goodbyes and I was off in a cab back to the warehouse I was at yesterday going through more bolts of fabric. I have a gift which enables me to compartmentalize my life; when I am at work that is where my head is. That was one of the problems I’ve had in my past relationships, my significant other would be thinking of me all day hoping I was doing the same. I am not made that way, I need down time when I get home. My hope is that when I arrive at home if my significant other is there they would allow me to decompress. These men in my life considered me an ice queen; this is far from the truth, I am a professional, and I am a woman.


Feeling lost Chapter 2

Feeling Lost Chapter2

One hour away from landing in India, my seat companion and I shared the basics; he is a retired Marine Colonel, on his way to India as a consultant for a construction company in the area having problems with security. I told him why I was going, he asked a good question:

“If your main job is intimate apparel why are you buying for business comfort?”

Huh a man that actually listens I answered “They want to blend the look of intimacy and business, hoping to pick up a younger clientele, I believe it can be done tastefully so they sent me.”

He nodded his eyes were piercing, looking directly at me but not giving way anything of what he was thinking, I am enjoying looking into those eyes.

The plane was doing its final dissent we were putting our seat belts on when Mike asked me “I hope this is not too forward but I was wondering if you would like to have dinner tomorrow night, I am staying at the Carlton.”

I smiled and replied “I would like that I am also staying at the Carlton.”

We set the time for a late dinner 7:30pm; Mike said he would handle the reservations, I did tell him I am not a fan of Indian food, he smiled and said; nor is he, the heart burn is not worth it.

It has been a long time since I felt this excited about having dinner with a guy, I have had my share of handsome men but there is something different about Mike. Self-assured without being arrogant I love that inner strength.

We get off the plane and share a cab to the hotel, he has a meeting in a couple of hours, and his room is one floor below mine. When we reach his floor I was surprised he did not get off, instead he stayed in the elevator and got off on my floor. Pulling my two suitcases and his; he walked me to my door; pulled my suitcases into my room and said goodnight. An officer and a gentlemen what more could a girl ask for.

I unpacked, made a view calls to set up appointments for the next day, making sure to give plenty of time to get back and freshen up for dinner with Mike.

I never sleep well the first night I arrive, I am up and wired looking forward to seeing what fabrics they have waiting for me.

Having my coffee as the sun came up, I was dressed walked to the elevator just as it opened; Mike smiled and asked “Did you have breakfast yet?”

I answered and said “No I was on my way down to the dining room.”

He said “May I suggest an alternative place for breakfast.”

I was game, I am not particular when it comes to breakfast. He took me to a café along a busy street, people were already out and making their way through town, we sat at a small round  wrought iron table with a glass top, the chairs were bamboo high back woven chairs. The coffee was a Turkish dark blend, the pastry was exquisite layered flaky with cheese and strawberries on top, fresh juice, scrambled eggs; just right and delicious. We talked more about me than him, what my expectations were for the day, he also wondered how long I thought I would be in town. I said at least a week but my bosses said I can take up to 2 weeks. He smiled and said “Good try and stretch it out a bit; I would like the time to get to know you.”

We lingered so long I forgot about the time, grabbing a cab I asked the driver to rush and gave him my destination. Walking the vast warehouses took my mind off of Mike, I concentrated on the bolts of fabric, some brocade, and others light as a feather silk which felt cool to the touch.  The colors and patterns were as brilliant as they had promised, best part of my job seeing the stunning colors and feeling the fabrics.

After making a few choice’s I had only gotten through a quarter of the first warehouse, when I realized I had to call it a day if I wanted to make it back to the hotel in time to freshen up for my dinner with Mike.

The traffic was insane, I will barely have time to freshen up, finally arriving at my room I looked at the clock and told myself I have 15 minutes I can do a quick shower and change in that amount of time, or was I purposefully hoping to be in a robe when Mike arrives. Well to be honest the answer is yes.

The soft knock at the door, I opened it Mike was standing in this dark suit made of gabardine silk blend, dark camel colored with a pale blue shirt and dark blue tie, wow he looked great.

“Sorry Mike by the time I left the warehouse the traffic was unbearable, it will only take me a second to slip into my dress.”

He smiled and his eyes did this stare which drew me in I stopped moving and just looked directly at him, he moved forward with his right arm placing his hand to the small of my back pulled me gently to him. I did not even notice he took his jacket off and tie it seemed to happen in one move, before I knew it we were both locked in an embrace which told me this will be our dinner.

Feeling lost Chapter 1

When you leave high school you are supposed to know what you want to be when you grow up. I want in some ways to be like my mom, married with kids, stay at home mom, yet there is a part of me that wants a career of my own, some adventure in my life, I just do not know how to get there from here.

I have been in serious relationships, maybe the problem is me not them. May be when Shaun told me he could not give me everything I was looking for he may have been right. We had a good relationship, sexually and intellectually yet I always felt as if I were lost, something is missing. Is that something missing me?

I work in a department store, women’s intimate apparel, I am not just a clerk but also a buyer, even with the internet some corporations want hands on, company I work for at  certain times of the year, changing season’s to be exact they send me different places. You would think it would be Paris or London, not any longer; it is now China, India.

I am packing for one of those buying excursions, and as I finished and was zipping up my luggage the thought did occur to me, I have adventure in my job, it excites me professionally and also creatively, which is what I believe I am looking for in a mate.

Taking in a breath and letting it out slowly I set my mind to business. These days the paper tickets are nearly obsolete, my smart phone in hand I scan my departure ticket, and start rolling my carry on into first class. Once I stow it in the upper cubical I settle in and wait for the rest of the passengers to get seated. The stewardess asked if I wanted a coffee, tea, juice, or a wine. I chose wine, this will be a long flight I want to relax and get some of my background information read, save what is useful in a file on my computer to pull up when needed. My eyes are glued to my laptop screen when someone sat next to me, by the pant leg I can tell it is a male. Nice shoes was the second thing I thought, then I noticed the fabric of the trousers’ are exceptional.

I no longer bother looking over to see who my seat companion is, I have been at this too long, 10 years; it may seem rude but the past has proven to me that if the guy is single or married they think they will finally be part of the mile high club if they are charming enough. Nope, not with this girl, I do not care how incredibly handsome you are.

An hour into the flight my companion cleared his throat and said “Excuse me, I do not mean to bother you, could you please turn your light toward the window, I really need some sleep.

I looked over and said “Absolutely, I actually do not need it I hope the light from the laptop doesn’t bother you.”

He smiled and said “No, thank you it’s very kind of you.”

Well I have to say he is handsome in a rugged sort of way, there is a slight scar on his right temple, his shirt is woven cotton, perfectly pressed, no tie, meticulous preened handsome man. Wonder what he does for a living.

I finally finish all my prepared work and am reasonably ready for the garment district in India. I look forward to this trip the fabrics and colors, I am to look and pick out the fabrics that will be sent to a warehouse, then another employee will go through the fabrics and match them up with what garment to be made. This year they want to highlight comfort in the work place.

Now we are in the 4th hour of the flight, I fall asleep and hear a quiet male voice say to me “Mam, I need you to stay calm.”

I open my eyes look over to my companion cautiously, as he continues “Please do exactly as I say, get on the floor, head down I will cover you with our pillows no matter what happens do not move till I come back.”

I did what I was told, peeking from under the pillow I notice others in first class doing the same thing, I could hear a raucous going on beyond the partisan that separates first class and business. Loud voices then a very loud thud with a jolt; something or someone was being slammed to the floor, scuffling of feet and silence, more voices but quieter; my companion came back and announced it was ok to get back in our seats, as I was settling in, the pilot came forward and said to my companion “Colonel Sorensen, I am honored to meet you and also very glad you are on my flight.”

He nodded his head in a measured military way shook the pilots hand and sat down.

I asked “May I ask what that was all about.”

When he looked at me is when I noticed his eyes were warm but strong; piercing blue he answered “One of the passengers was getting out of hand and giving the stewardess a hard time, I just gave him an attitude adjustment mam.”

I smiled and said “You can call me Lyndsey.”

He nodded and said “Mike.”

We shook hands and I leaned back not wanting to drool.

Plumbing Chapter 7 Conclusion

Plumbing Chapter 7

Next day at work I am going over the evidence and the files from the notes I wrote quickly not methodically, some would call them chicken scratch. Finally it hit me, the person who strangled these three men had to be approximately the same height, near the same weight to be able to overpower them.  Also they must have known this person and trusted him to go out and speak to him in the alley. Now the question is why did he want to speak to them, and did he give them any drugs. Well if he gave them the drug none of them internally digested the drug. Another thought occurred to me, they all went to the restroom right after going into the alley, if this person gave them a drug, wanting them to take the drug, did they then go in the bathroom to flush the drug, the coincidence that all went there to relive themselves is a possibility but I am figuring they went to flush the drug.

So I am now wondering did this person they were speaking too in the alley follow them into the bathroom, how then did they leave the bathroom with no one noticing it?

I called Bud we discussed all these possibilities running through my head, he in turn called Todd’s dad and asked if he remembered seeing these men going into the alley the night they disappeared, and if so did he remember seeing anyone coming in from the alley soon after they came back in and went to the rest room.

I guess it is back to the bar tonight, to confront the person who did come in from the alley close after the three of these men. Somehow I am not surprised, but want to know why, what is the motive. Was this person trying to gain cliental only to be shot down when he found out they flushed the drugs?

Walking into the bar in my tight fighting jeans, wired with sound not wine, did have a glass or two, I see Todd standing behind the bar actually serving drinks, I notice Steve sitting at the bar talking to Todd, the conversation seemed congenial.

Walking up and sliding on the stool next too Steve I ask Todd for a glass of wine, then looked over at Steve and asked him “Hey Steve how are you today, no candy from the candy man?”

He answered “No not today, I have some plans for later, need to keep myself clear minded.”

I nodded and said “I think Todd is right about veering away from doing drugs, I think I need to come to terms with who I am and not depend on drugs, nor will I depend on another person for my self-image, my confidence needs to come from who I am, not who they are.”

Todd smiled and said “Hey I like that, good for you, it is the best way to be.”

I replied “You know Todd I remember in high school, it was all about who was popular, who was tough, who was who, and not what you know but who you were seen with, I never got into the popularity contest, I sure do not know why I have fallen into it in my adult life.”

Todd nodded and said “I know what you mean; it is easy to measure yourself worth by someone else’s yard stick.”

Bud walked in sat on the stool next to me, Steve on one side Bud on the other I looked at Todd and said “Then tell me something Todd, why do you think these three young men were strangled?”

Todd’s eyes went wide open and said “I do not have a clue and to think someone here would do it baffles me.”

Steve squirmed a bit, I got up wanting to shift to the other side of Steve, my foot caught my barstool, I stumbled the damn pants were so tight, they split at the crotch, my pretend package was almost delivered on the spot. Steve’s eyes went directly to the tare; I laughed and said “You know Steve you will never get what’s beneath the surface even if you offer fresh candy.”

Steve looked up and me with rage “What is that supposed to mean?”

I smiled while Bud moved to the stool I was sitting on “Because Steve, many men want monogamous so as not to get any diseases and they especially do not want a scrawny little twerp high on candy.”

At that he lurched at me grabbed my throat, the momentum pushed me back I tried to fling him off me, Todd reached down and grabbed Steve by the scruff of the neck hauled him off of me. When I looked up at Bud he had two things in his hand my wig, and my package.

Todd seen this and laughed hard, still holding Steve in one hand: “So your one of the cops my dad was talking about, I kind of figured since he described you as a good looking gal with no sense of balance.”

Come to find out Steve was miffed that his advances were not being taken seriously, even more pissed at the fact they flushed expensive drugs down the toilet and gave him a sermon about straightening himself out.

Psych had me in their office that evening, wanted to talk to me about my lack of balance, the doc said much of my klutziness may be caused by lack of confidence due to my dad’s in ability to accept me for who I am.

Ha! See I told you it was my dad’s fault, but I agreed to come twice a week to chat, then once a week, and the doc will give me some things I can work with, breathing, focus, and he said while we are doing these tasks I am to lay off the wine. Darn that means No Bud until I can hug him without giving him a black eye.

Plumbing Chapter 6

Plumbing Chapter 6

It is the general consensus that I do better with wine, so back to the bar. This time they have me wearing, leather pants, not skin tight, loose fitting, leather blazer and a black cotton shirt, black ankle length boots with buckles and straps showing slightly under the bottom of the pant leg. I had a glass of wine before I left, still doing the breathing and mental exercises, this time I do not want to get so inebriated that I would need someone to drive me home.

I walked in with no problems, I found a table in the corner sat down, ordered a beer this time, Steve came right over sat down and started to jabber away a little bit too quickly, I could tell he was on something, his eyes were dilated. I leaned over to ask him what he was on and chipped one of my teeth on my beer mug, when I brought my head up quickly in shock of what I had just done I spilled half the mug on Steve. I grabbed a napkin to help clean him off and immediately noticed that I should probably not do that.

Oh Steve is smiling ear to ear, I am flustered, just then Todd walks up and whispers to me “Just sit down, relax I will order you another beer.’

I did just that, sat down, and tried not to cry I was so freaking embarrassed, there have not been any more bodies, I am hoping I do not screw this up to the point that the person doing this will get away with it. I hate being a freaking Klutz.

I took a breath, took a gulp of the beer that was just sat in front of me, Steve had gone to the bathroom and was just sitting back down across from Todd, and he said “What are you doing here Todd, came back to see if you could be the controlling partner again.”

Todd laughed and said “No Steve you little troll, what is it this time speed? Cannot have a good time without being wired, and screwing everything in sight with a package bigger than a tootsie roll?”

I had never considered that the guy who put my outfit together would add a bit more to the package, I made a mental note to look in the mirror when I get home, good gawd it may look like I am walking around with a hard rock café open for business.

I spoke up “Steve and Todd I came here to have a quite beer, not to get into a drama dialogue, please let’s be civil.”

Todd looked at me and asked “What do you do for a living?”

I said school teacher.

Steve responded “Oh that is why so prim and proper, I wondered why.”

I looked at Steve and smiled “Hey Steve where do you get your candy from, I have never tried it, wonder if I would be less prim and proper.”

Todd was holding back his anger when he said “You really do not want to do that, the people he deals with are nasty and hate newbies, they will put you through the paces before they let you purchase.”

Steve said “I will give you some.”

Todd said “Do not do it Steve, I swear I will pick you up and put you out back in the dumpster.”

Just then Bud walked up to the table whispered to Steve and they both walked out, I looked at Todd with the What was that about look; Todd looked at me and shrugged, shook his head I do not know.

Bud came back in alone sat down; I introduced him to Bud, as a fellow teacher, then turned to Bud and asked what was going on with Steve?

Bud shrugged and said “Some guy out in the alley wanted to talk to him, asked if I would tell him to come outside, so I told Steve what the guy looked like, and said he wanted to speak to him outside. I guess it is ok, Steve did not seem bothered by it.”

At that Todd got up went to the doors which lead to the ally went outside came right back in sat back down and said “It is his new love and dealer.”

Then Todd said “There were two police officers in here one evening talking to my dad, asking about a couple of my friends who were found dead, now that I think about it I should tell them, before they went to the bathroom, someone came up asked them to come outside for a minute, they came back in then went to the bathroom.”

I said to Todd “Did you see the police officers who were here?”

Todd said “No, but my dad will pass the information on I am sure; hey, want another beer?”

“No I better not, I have school tomorrow, I am whooped after that workout you put me through, I will see you both tomorrow, Bud see you at work.”

Bud nodded and I left, another day, another puzzle, so they were asked to step outside, I wonder if they were into the same stuff Steve is, and may be owed money.

When Bud got to my place he said he asked if the others were into the drugs as well, Todd said no way they were health fanatics, no meat, no drugs, wine, is their only vice.

Plumbing Chapter 5

Plumbing Chapter 5

I have to admit since I have to wear the extra thing in my jeans to mimic being a guy instead of a girl; I wonder what it would feel like with the extra baggage. Women are made more streamline down there, although we tend to be top heavy, I suppose it was to balance us out somehow.

Went to a meeting at the department they want me to go to a gym where gays frequent, I am thinking this is a bad idea, I pulled off the bar scene because I drank wine which straightens out my radar, keeping me from being a klutz, me in a gym? Don’t get me wrong I work out, on thick carpet, all I get is rug burns and scuff marks on my body, and for the most part you can’t see them, they are hidden under clothing.

I had no choice it is an order so I geared in sweatpants with the added bulk in certain places taping my boobs, have the wig on, Psych told me to breath a certain way to calm myself, gave me some mental focusing points, he seems to think I am the most klutzy when I am nervous. Ok breath as I walk in; open the door, great made it through the door.  Got on the bike, hit the first pedal with  my toe, tried not to wince, got both feet on the pedals and realized the seat was too high; sliding off the seat, I stumbled fell flat on my face when I looked there were feet near my face, I looked up, and Todd was standing over me.

He said “Sorry about being so pushy last night, you just seemed so vulnerable.”

I answered “Sorry too I am just a bit touchy I guess.” Here I am wondering if it is appropriate to shake hands or hug.

He made the first move and put out his hand out to shake mine. He asked if I wanted to work out with him. I laughed and said it has been a while and I tend to be a klutz, he laughed and said “NO I did not notice.”

I kind of like this Todd guy, seems genuine. So next we did the pull down machine, the bar is over head on a pulley, you first pull it down behind your head for a few sets then you pull it in the front, I hit the back of my head twice, my chin once when I did the front, Todd was kind he helped maneuver the pulley so I would not keep clunking myself.  At the end of the workout I gleaned some information, the little guy I was speaking too at the bar after he left Steve, used to date Todd, but Steve was not faithful, and Todd wants to be in a monogamous relationship.  Also Todd’s dad is gay, go figure, he stayed true to his mom till she passed, bought the bar with the insurance money and has been with the same guy since, Lauren’s the guy’s name.

So far I am no further ahead, except I got a good workout and made a new friend, I told Todd I am not ready to hook up but would not mind having a beer with him on occasion, he smiled and nodded his agreement.

When I got home took off all the clothes, took a shower, still doing the breathing and mental exercises the Psych doctor told me to do, I realized I have less bruises on me at this time of the day then I normally would. I called Bud told him what I had learned and the success I have had doing the exercises Psych told me to do, also I told him I am cooking dinner tonight, he brings the wine.

I decided on Lemon Chicken, baked potato, large salad. All was going as planned till I forgot to move the hot pad away from the stove, it caught on fire which by the time I got to it the curtain above the sink was on fire, at that moment Bud walked in helped me put it out. He sat me down I should say he put out the fire: and poured the wine.

I was a bit rattled, I missed my mouth 3 times while trying to drink the first glass of wine, finally calmed down enough to give Bud a hug and kiss without injuring either of us, I served the meal without dumping it on either of us.

Dinner was delicious.

In the Silence

In the Silence

In the silence I scream

The mayhem within

Darkness ensconces my heart

Can you hear me?

Others mingle and chatter

I listen and watch

In the silence I scream

The mayhem within

Darkness ensconces my heart

Can you hear me?

Celebrating another birthday

Congratulations to me

In the silence I scream

The mayhem within

Darkness ensconces my heart

Can you hear me?

Babies are born

Mine was lost ripped from my soul

In the silence I scream

The mayhem within

Darkness ensconces my heart

Children should not die

Parents left with silence

In the silence I scream

The mayhem within

Darkness ensconces my heart

Plumbing Chapter 4

Plumbing Chapter 4

I drove to the bar in a used much worn out Chevy Chevette, stick shift I am not all that versed with a stick, I can get by but if I had to stop on a hill I would burnout the tires and do a hop before I could get going. Also there are times when I am on a flat surface starting out from a light or a stop sign I do a chug, screech chug before moving, but sooner or later I get to my destination.

So far so good, I got out of the car without injury, walked up to the door as it opened, but I danced back keeping my balance before it hit me. Large man smiled and winked at me motioned for me to enter, and followed very close behind me as I walked to the bar and slid up on a stool. He stared at the guy on the stool next to me, which was Bud; Bud shrugged and walked away, from that time on; any other guy who came onto Bud; he would say  “No thank you, I only want him.” Not me but the large guy who stared him off his stool.

I ordered a wine, took a sip looked to my right while this large galumph looked at me with a smirk. He spoke first “So how did you get that shiner?”

I answered “Tripped on my own feet hit the table with my cheek.”

He nodded his head in understanding and said “So he was a bit ruff, not all men are ruff, and some can be downright gentle.”

I answered “I am not quite ready to hook up just yet; I am still rubbing my sore heart from the last time.”

He said “Oh a poet, I love the tender sweet types.”

Just then the bar owner came up asked if we needed anything, I ordered another wine, the owner leaned over the bar toward the galumph and said; “Todd I thought you were leaving.”

Todd said “Sure pop in a little bit, I am making a new friend.”

I could see the disdain on the face of the owner as he walked away; I then looked over at Todd and said “I am not looking to hook up.”

Todd said “I know darling, you seem a bit tender there have been some of us who have been hurt lately so I figured I will stick around make sure you get home ok.”

I said “Todd I will only tell you this one more time, I am not in the mood to hook up; secondly this shiner is nothing compared to the one  I gave in return for this shiner; so back off the stool and walk away or I will make sure your stool will not be in any dances for a long time.”

At that Todd got up, gave me the F you and finger walked out of the bar in a huff. Did not take long for another fella to sit down next to me and say in a soft voice “He is pushy, not too many around here like him, they only put up with him cuz of his dad being the owner, now the dad is delicious.”

I answered “If you like the rugged type. What’s your name?”

He answered “Steve, and he ain’t so rugged, he a softy, likes to be cuddled.”

Hey what do I know about these things I nodded my head; started to ask Steve if this bar is safe because of some guys I know went missing. Steve said that it was safe especially now that everyone is being cautious they never leave alone.

This left me wondering if Todd was in fact worried about my wellbeing, I said this to Steve, Steve laughed and said you will never know, and may never know since you pissed him off so badly. Steve had a point but I figured if Todd was the one doing this then why not push the buttons early on so I could get out of these clothes into something more comfortable like Bud.

After I left the bar getting into my car which I should not be driving with all the wine I had, a man approached asked if I was ok to drive, I said., No not ok to drive.

Just then Bud came over and said, “Hey, I will walk you home, or give you a lift.”

I said “I do not feel comfortable leaving my car here.”

I looked at the guy who first approached and asked “Do you know how to drive a stick.” Luckily he said no

Bud got behind the wheel drove me home; and slowly took off my clothes; by the time he was done I was fast asleep.

Plumbing Chapter 3

wine glass sippy cup

Plumbing Chapter 3

So tomorrow I am to dress up like a guy and go to the bar undercover. What could go wrong, the klutz that I am? Bud said he had a plan to help me along, I had given him my key, when I got home there were 2 bottles of wine, flowers and a note that said, “Please start without me, I will cook dinner.” I grabbed a glass of wine, downed it, took another glass to the bathroom; I should specify the glass was a plastic replica of a wine glass; it looks like a sippy cup. Good thing my wine was in a sippy cup, the first glass of wine did not kick in yet, I slipped on the tile, landed with my face into the toilet, I will have to talk with Bud about putting the seat down including the lid, which is something I always do.

My hair was dripping wet, the wine spilled, yet it was manageable, I have rags in  the bathroom waiting for me to happen, cleaned up, walked like a toddler not wanting to spill their drink, back to get more wine, went back to the bathroom to take a shower.  It is a miracle I have lived this long without breaking any bones.

Now fully warmed by the shower and the wine, I dressed in a tight fitting zip up black top; yoga pants no underwear, ready and willing for the night with Bud. When I emerged from the bathroom, I could already smell the garlic coming from the kitchen, Bud was standing at the stove making grilled salmon with garlic sauce, wild rice, large salad was sitting on the table, dishes were placed with silverware, and napkins set out just like fine dining.

He turned as I entered and said, “A mishap with the wine?”

I smiled and said “Ah, you saw the rags, you know me if there is nothing there to trip on I will fall.”

He laughed and that is when I filled him in on putting the seat down and the lid, as he grimaced he said he would.

After dinner and after we enjoyed each other Bud started to fill me in on his plan; once I am dressed and ready to go he wants me to drink at least 2 glasses of wine, so when I get there no one will be hurt, nor none the wiser that it is me in the room.

It seemed like a good plan, although getting dressed was not as easy as it would seem. They had a female police officer help tie up my boobs; she only got skimmed by my elbow across the top of her head. The problem did not come until she was adding the extra padding at my midriff pulling the strap of Velcro around I turned to look down and my hand met her face as she was started to stand up.

I apologized profusely; they had black skinny jeans for me to wear, with a large stuffed sock like thing sewn into the crotch so my plumbing did not look like lips but a slight bulge. I must have danced around for 20 minutes trying to get the darn jeans on, fell on my ass, finally laid on the floor to zip them up. There was not a courageous person who entered the room to give me a hand.

I already looked like I had pink eye due to the fact I poked myself in the eye making sure I did not have any makeup on at all. Also while getting dressed for work this morning I had dropped my ID reaching to pick it up I fell forward a bit caught myself with my cheek bone on the edge of a table, so pink eye with a shiner, I did not bother trying to conceal it, I told the Lieutenant it might work for me, I can say my last liaison was a bit ruff on me. I was told not to use the word liaison, use lover, friend, but not liaison.

It took me just as long to get the long boots on as it did the jeans, finally all clothing was zipped up and ready to go. Bud said when I was ready do not come out of the room sit at the table, knock three times on the table, he would come in with the wine, I did just that, he put the glass, sippy cup down filled with wine, I downed that, he took the sippy cup, removed the lid, poured another glass, placed the lid back on, slid the glass to me, I sipped it, he started to sit, I started to stand the table tipped in his direction just enough to send the wine bottle towards him. Thank gawd he has great reflexes he grabbed the bottle before it dumped over, I did not fair that well, I backed up into my chair doing a perfect flip and landed behind my chair on my ass. I could possibly make a great circus act; it was all Bud could do not to laugh. He did say “Sit till you finish the wine then I will help you up.”

I am in love with this man, I think he will find a way to make us work.

Secret Corners Chapter 3

Secret Corners Chapter 3

Sybil and I settled in with our take out, thumbing through the papers she brought she was pointing out pictures in the year book first off; the attorney Anthony Bronski went to school with Charles Kupto. They were both on the school paper and chess club. The last page of the year book, their graduating year there was a picture of Bronski and Kupto arms around each other’s shoulders, the caption read, two geek friends.

So Anthony Bronski who married Lydia Schnell, he was the best friend of Charles Kupto.  Interesting, that also leads me to ask, why Bronski never told me I would also be in line to inherit the house, why would he not just buy it.

I asked Sybil what she thought about it all, she said she thought Bronski bought into the haunted stuff, since he stole Kupto’s girl she also thinks it is possible that Bronski had something to do with the hanging of Kupto. I told Sybil she may have a point there was not the same forensics back then.

The next morning Sybil and I popped the cork to the champagne, had strawberries dipped in chocolate, bagels with cream cheese, and lounged around the whole day. Night came with thunderstorms, I told Sybil I had not enjoyed a girls company as much as hers, and wondered if she was the adventurous type. She laughed and said “You need to ask, I have spent a good part of this month with you here.”

I said “How about first thing Monday morning I will go to work give them my weeks’ notice, ask for the day off and you and I go to the justice of the peace and get married?”

She laughed and said “Hell yah!”

That is exactly what we did, I finished the week and Sybil moved her things in. No one in the community could believe what had happened to Charles Kupto when the story came out. Kupto’s remains were exhumed; new evidence was compiled, by the end of the month Bronski was arrested for the murder of his best friend Charles Kupto.

The next surprise  came when the same newspaper article came out with headlines which read: Found the bodies of Lenard Polanski and his new wife Sybil sitting on the swing on the back porch: Sybil was dressed in a Victorian wedding dress  and Lenard was dressed in a tuxedo with tails and a top hat dead.