Fine Tuning

Fine tuning

Fine tuning within the music world comes from practice; it is not just that an instrument is out of tune. It comes from someone who is either a musician or has a musician’s ear to tune any instrument. Yet when we raise children there is no book, no special ear to tune a living soul into someone special, this is given by happen stance. They were twins; we all heard the story about bad twins, or one bad one good. How do we know which one, and do we know each one, even worse is there a difference?

They were identical in appearance also in how they were raised, how does one child hear something differently than the other? Each syllable spoken whether in anger or joy can be music to their ears or chaos of sound, as cymbal giving a pause to a stream of music.

Charlotte and Claudia were not only sisters but best friends up until graduation from high school, Charlotte became a social worker wanting disparately to help people; Claudia got addicted to sex she laughed in Charlotte’s face one day saying “I am a social worker too! I make a hell of a lot more money than you.” 

Charlotte moved to the inner city she wanted to be where she was most needed, Claudia stayed in the suburbs believing this is where she was most needed, and could make more bang from her buck.

5 years into their individual professions Claudia was living in an upscale community, she now considered her job a true profession putting aside money to retire, when she went to the suburbs on business she smugly considered it slumming.

One day Charlotte and Claudia’s world’s collided, a very special client of Claudia’s was under suspicion for rape and child abuse. Charlotte at this time was working as a liaison alongside the State Police. John Morris was known to frequent this high end hotel; also he had his favorite high end prostitute he seen regularly on Wednesday afternoons.

Police were quietly outside room 205 signaling for the go, the door was opened with a key card, each officer efficiently followed the other in a crouched position weapons drawn, they came upon the bed to the surprise of Claudia, and John Morris. Well planned and precision moves made it possible to arrest and detain both parties without incident.

The Sargent in charge was in shock when he seen Claudia, believing it was Charlotte. Taking a moment and pulling her aside he said “Charlotte, what the hell are you doing here?”

Claudia only smiled and winked at him not saying a word till she had her attorney present. Entering the police station Claudia was ushered by Charlotte, Claudia’s smugness was apparent as she passed her sister giving Charlotte a grin and a wink. Now all the patrolmen were staring, Charlotte stood her ground maintaining a non-fluxed professional demeanor.

Sargent Reynolds approached Charlotte stood for a moment then asked “Are you ok? This has to be disconcerting to you?”

Charlotte replied “Not really I have known for a very long time of my sister’s profession, there is no talking to her about it, her choice’s do not reflect upon me.”

Reynolds nodded and said “Good way to look at it, are you ready with the witness, take her to the window for a private view of Morris, we will see if this is the guy who bound and raped her.”

Charlotte said “Ok where is she, I have not had a chance to speak with her, can you give me a few minutes to speak with her so we have some common ground and she is not in that room with a stranger?”

Reynolds replied “You can use my office I will have someone bring coffee for you and a pop for her.”

Charlotte smiled and as she walked away she said “Perfect”

Tina was only 9 years old, her father was with her and walked her to the Sergeants office as soon as Tina seen Charlotte her screams could be heard throughout the department. Police officers came quickly to Tina’s side. Tina’s dad was trying to calm Tina, without much success.

Finally Tina’s dad took her to another room to calm her. Between sobs and coughs Tina conveyed that the woman in that room helped the man rape her.

When Charlotte heard this; her knees buckled and she sat heavily into a chair, and started to cry. Knowing that her sister was going to be arrested and arraigned alongside John Morris for rape of a minor, and many more charges.

Staring blankly after getting control of her emotions Charlotte asked Sargent Reynolds if it was possible to talk to her sister.

He agreed to let her speak to Claudia the question all would want to ask is “Why?”

Claudia’s answer was blunt and simple “Daddy always liked me best.”






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