Fema Chapter 2

FEMA  Chapter 2

We got off easy the last time seems the young fella dropped the charges of assault in exchange for Tony who owns the Loggers Depot to lessen the charges to disorderly. I have seen that young fella around his name is Kyle, well when he sees me he glares. Seems Kyle holds grudges, well so do the FEMA broads. I hear that his tires go flat for no reason, also hear he thinks we have something to do with it. I will not deny it nor affirm it, seems so silly for old broads as he called us have the time or know how to do such a thing.

“Yes, mam he claims that Joy’s late husband owned and run the all service gas station here in town, Kyle believes you ladies have the means and ability to do it”

“Huh, has he seen us do it?”

“No mam, and this is only a warning, I went to each of your friends and gave them the same warning.”

“Ok, I have been warned, what exactly is the warning? Is that like trick or treat?”

“Mam if you or any of your friends are seen in the vicinity of Kyle’s truck you will be arrested and charged for malicious destruction of property.”

“How can that be malicious sounds like someone is pranking him?”

“Mam, just stay away from the damn truck please.”

“Sure no problem I will stay away from the truck.”

Next visit this officer accused us of toilet papering Kyle’s front yard. He lives with his mom and she was darn upset, she came into the Loggers Depot and started to tell us she did not appreciate what we’re doing to her son. We asked her to have a seat, she did over a few beers we ordered her a FEMA hat, told her she should not enable her son, he may actually move out and get a life. I am sure Kyle is thrilled his mom is now part of FEMA.

Since Kyle’s mom Sue is her name joined FEMA we play euchre every Thursday at her place. I guess us broads Yakking it up at their place rubs him the wrong way Kyle moved out and moved in with his girlfriend, she was the young girl sitting at the table the night we were arrested for assault. Her name is Rose.

We are all surmised Rose has no idea what she is getting herself into with such a hot head. Young girls think just cuz they are sweet their sweetness will rub off on a hot head turning him into mellow mush. That is not the way it happens unfortunately, all too often the girl is left with a broken heart, and may be a few bruises in the meantime.

Sue says she does not think Kyle would ever get violent with Sue, we told her if he ever did we will step in, the FEMA broads do not put up with any sort of abusive behavior. Sue said she would be there right alongside of us if her son ever did such a thing.


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