FEMA Chapter 4

FEMA  Chapter 4

There are times Tony is shorthanded during the day at Loggers Depot; I pitch in bartending, which the guy’s like this round looking blondish woman who can be sweet like a grandma if they want it or sharp tongued and flirty I got all that going, and boy do I rake in the tips.

It was Friday 4 pm and in walks Kyle sat down at the bar, I took a rag picked up his lighter and cigarettes made it a point to wipe real good in front of him set his stuff down and said, “Can I see some ID.”

He glared at me begrudgingly pulled out his wallet yanked out his ID shoved it in my face. I said “Now thank you was that so hard, what can I get you Kyle my lad.”

He growled “Bud Lite”

“Tap or Bottle?”

“I usually get it in the can.”

“I bet you do.” And I smirked

Handed him a can and an icy glass said “This first one is on the house.”

He asked for a couple more during his visit before he finally asked the question “What the hell does FEMA stand for?”

Tony Answered “Female Emergency Medicinal Alcoholics.”

He rolled his eyes and laughed, I think that was the first time I ever heard that boy laugh. I leaned across the bar and said to him “Look here Kyle, if you can deal with the old broads of FEMA you would be a great cop, seems Sheriff Howie is having a difficult time doing so, there may be a job opening soon.”

At that we all three laughed pretty hard. Kyle shook his head paid his bill and bid us a good night. Well now I wonder if I had won FEMA a mascot. I mentioned the thought to Tony he said with all the insulted pouty face he could muster “Hey I thought I was your mascot.”

I answered while squeezing his ass “No Tony you’re my boy toy.”

Tony got a big grin on his faces and said “I will settle for that.”

I said “You do more than settle.”

The girls came in for our usual nightly meeting of FEMA we stayed late, I told the girls I was going to stay and help Tony close up the bar, and they nodded with understanding, politely said goodnight and left. Tony locked the door; I finished cleaning the tables walked up behind the bar as Tony turned off the lights. Keep in mind this establishment is on Main Street in our little town, it has 2 large windows on the sidewalk side with pull in parking spaces also extra parking in the back.

Tony used my ass to clean the bar, I usually get a burn on my behind since the skin touching the varnished surface does not move all that well, I had just finished my crescendo and Tony was just starting his, when the whole front of the room lit up, seemed Kyle and some of his buddies pulled up in their trucks with their bright lights ablaze, I hear truck doors slam, footsteps then faces plastered against the windows.

I started to laugh as Tony crescendo came to its beautiful conclusion, Tony took a couple of bar clothes wrapped them around my behind and slid me off the bar, I crawled on my hands and knees, needing to pee like a race horse, laughing, hoping I would not have any accidents, dragged my clothes on, went to the bathroom.

Tony stayed behind zipping up washing the bar as if nothing happened. Damn I have fun in my life, this kid thinks he embarrassed me all he did was give me a great story to tell at the next FEMA meeting.


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