FEMA Chapter 10

FEMA Chapter 10

Spring is trying to spring into action; we are planning a Adult Easter egg hunt. To participate you need to donate $10 the money will go to the local Humane Society. We are using the back parking lot, and will put out eggs with a coupon inside or 1 free drink. Depending on how many donate will determine how many eggs will be hidden. Each participant is told in advance they are allowed one egg. Tony and I were surprised when we received 20 donations.

Each person found an egg and enjoyed their free drink. Inside we had a ham buffet the ones who donated ate free, the others the cover charge was $5 all you can eat. There were 5 side dishes included in the buffet. We worked like the dickens for this but it earned a thousand dollars for the shelter.

Tony asked me if I would like to adopt a dog, he or she could be a mascot for the Logger Depot. I said sure, Jeff had taught me how to train a dog, so I figured it would be fun, but I wondered if the health department would allow it. Tony said that since he has a doctor’s note stating his need for a service dog due to depression that this dog would be allowed. Tony has not been back to the doctors since him and I hooked up. He went into a depression when his wife passed from breast cancer also like Jeff he did his stint in the service and has a touch of PTSD, not nearly as bad as Jeff did. With Tony it flares up in the dark winter months he uses a SAD light which helped him tremendously.

We found this tall skinny greyhound mix male dog we call Fred, he seems to be easy going and always willing to please.

After a month of working with Fred we felt confident to allow him in the Logger Depot. In fact Fred helped with the Easter egg hunt. He received a treat for each egg he found and handed to a patron. They all loved it, I am surprised once again at how everyone fell in love with Fred.

Well not everyone, there is a patron that has been coming in for years, usually doesn’t give us any problems, stay’s to herself, has her drinks, then walks home. Her name is Betsy, well for some reason Betsy took a disliking to Fred, each time Fred would walk by Betsy; she would glare at her.

One night during one of the FEMA meetings I noticed Betsy gave her foot a slight swing when Fred walked by. I got up walked over to Betsy, who had a few to drink by then so I was going to give her the benefit of the doubt but I figured by my asking her this question it will be fair warning if I find out what I suspected was true.

“Betsy, I need to ask you why you are trying to kick my dog?”

She did not deny it.

“That dog is a nuisance and should not be in here.”

“First off Betsy I have trained Fred to give this chair a wide berth, which he does, secondly if you kick my dog I will kick your ass all the way to jail do you understand?”

“I understand FEMA bitch.”

Betsy’s voice was loud enough for everyone to hear, as I walked away Fred walked up lifted his leg and pissed on Betsy’s shoe.

I gave Fred a treat and said “Good Boy”

The patrons applauded, Tony told Betsy she is no longer welcome in our establishment.


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