Backstory Chapter 2

Backstory Chapter 2

Today I have an appointment to see the house. I want to see the girl’s bedrooms, their toys have a special significance; especially the toys they cherish, I also want to see them in their own environment how they react to me being in it. Many times when speaking to a child in the office they do not let their guard down, but when I meet them in their office being it their bedrooms, most children let their guard down, that is my objective today.

Janice the girl’s mother answered the door on my first knock, smiling, soft spoken and pleasant; she has a gentle nature and laughs easily. Walking in I am struck by how neat and clean everything is. She is a stay at home mom; her husband Allen the girl’s dad works construction. The house is a ranch on a quiet street lined with trees.   This neighborhood seems an idyllic place to raise a family; as I enter; the girls were standing in the hallway with wonder on their faces ‘why is she here?’

I smile shake Allen’s hand and accept a cup of coffee from Janice. One by one I say hi to the girls and told them I was there to see their rooms, and was hoping they would not mind showing me their rooms since we have become such good friends. That brought a smile on the face of Chantal and Morgan, yet Kay Lee seemed a bit concerned.

I approached Morgan first wanting her to feel she was important, walking into her room I was struck by how orderly it was and I said to her “Morgan, your room is so neat and tidy.”

She smiled rolled her eyes and said “Kay Lee said you were coming and we should clean our rooms, so I did.”

Looking at Morgan I asked “Do you always do what Kay Lee says?”

Her answer was simple “Sure why not, she always helps me do the things she asks me to do.”

Ok, there is a nugget it seems not only does Kay Lee worry about things being orderly she is taking on the role as mom as well.

Morgan and I talked about her dolls and stuffed animals, nothing out of the ordinary came of this conversation, I spent a half an hour with her, hugged her and thanked her for showing me her room.

Next I went to Chantal’s room, knocked on the door asked if I could come in, she said yes. I entered; it was a nice room not disorderly but not as neat and tidy as Morgan’s room. I sat in a chair by Chantal’s desk; she sat on her bed with a book in her lap.

I asked “What is the book you are reading?”

She answered “The lion king.”

I asked “Have you seen the movie?”

She answered “Yes it is my favorite movie.”

I asked “What is your favorite part of the movie?”

She answered “I liked all of it, especially that the kingdom was saved by a young cub he was strong enough to do it.”

Ok, that was a bit deep for her age, another little nugget.

So far I learned today Kay Lee is the caregiver and mom to the girls or at least she sees herself that way.

Chantal is angry gets in fights with her sisters and at school; her favorite story is Lion King she admires the strength and ability of the young cub taking back the kingdom which was lost to the uncle.

Now on the surface of this it is no big deal, all children go through different stages in their lives learning to cope with things they do not understand. Thus far I see no evidence of abuse; I only have 3 more sessions to come up with a scenario.


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