FEMA Chapter 13

FEMA Chapter 13

Imagine my surprise when I saw this beautiful 20 something young lady walk into the Logger Depot. Sit down, she showed me her ID and I realized she was my granddaughter. Your mom Emily looked just like you at your age, I thought I was seeing things. Now you’re here saying you and your mom do not get along, you listened patiently to all my stories, but I have to tell you sweetheart, your mom had trouble with the goings on at home, the stress was too much for her dealing with her dads PTSD, which I have told you already.

You do not want to be just like me, you need to find wisdom in all the things you find wrong in your life and in this world. That is something your mom has not been able to do. We are not computers you can reboot when there is a glitch, things in our lives crash; such as marriages, relationships, hearts, minds and sometimes even souls. In all that; it is where you need to find your wisdom, once you do you will be better able to understand and respect your mom. I am hoping your mom will one day find her wisdom.

Just then I heard a familiar voice “I have mom, been listening to your stories and was wondering if I could join FEMA?”

Looking up at my daughter in all her sweetness I started to cry, Ann came around the bar put her arms around me and we both wept.

Tony said “Christine why don’t you take the rest of the day off and get to know your daughter again.”

Ann turned to Tony and gave him a hug and a peck on the cheek then said “Congratulations on your marriage to my mom, take good care of her.”

Tony replied “I plan on it.”

The three of us went to a table in the back, Tony brought us drinks, and we chatted. Come to find out she and Emily’s dad have been having trouble financially and it has put a strain on the 3 of them. Emily has had a difficult time with all the bickering going on; the stress is near unbearable.

Ann’s husband Less has been out of work for 2 years now.

Tony over heard and asked “If you are interested we could sure use help here, our students go back to school and it is hard to find good help, I cannot guarantee you get off all FEMA meetings but we could aim at that if you are accepted as a member.”

She answered “Wow Tony thanks; does this offer include Less?”

I said “It does; he and you will have to learn to bartend, but once you get the hang of it the money is good.”

Ann pulled out her phone called her husband he said absolutely he used to bartend in college he knows he will be able to pick it up again.

It will be great having my family together, and let’s face it Tony and I are not getting any younger and we would love to leave the place to family.

So we now have 2 more student members added too FEMA there is an initiation involved for these two.  Their initiation  will be to quietly, while the other members are watching let the air out of the Sheriffs personal car, and toilet paper his front yard.

They did a great job, they are going to be able to take over and keep FEMA going for years to come.


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