Backstory Chapter 4

Backstory Chapter 4

I am only days away giving my report. Laura is going to use the time to counsel the parents on their role in the girl’s behavior and give them tools to work with the girls and with each other. I am hoping that will be enough, seems Allen’s drinking goes beyond a man who slips once in a while this behavior is ingrained; Laura and I both agree he is an alcoholic. That will be a tough one, Allen will have to volunteer to get help for his drinking, join AAA and Janice should consider going to a support group for women of alcoholics.

My first session is with Kay Lee

“Kay Lee how was your weekend?”

Kay Lee responded “It was good, dad stayed home we raked leaves, threw leaves at each other, mom made brownies, Morgan and I helped bag the leaves, and Chantal helped mom with dinner and the brownies.”

We talked some more about all the good things that happened over the weekend, then I told her how I believe she needed to just be a little girl, do her best to leave the worry up to the adults. I also said that if she did that then may be the adults will learn they need to do all those things you do, keeping things orderly, and safe.

Kay Lee nodded and said she would try but she did a lot of deflection such as: If dad comes home on time, if mom was not so quiet some times, if Chantal would not be so mad and throw tantrums, she actually used the word bitch. But she promised me she would try.

I then asked her who was in their lives that seemed angry about what is going on between her parents. She thought about it and asked “You mean an adult?”

I said “Yes can you think of an adult that may be upset about the relationship between your parents?”

Kay Lee in the end said she could not think of one, and suggested I ask Chantal, because Chantal is always so angry may be she said something to someone about stuff at home.

Now that made perfect sense my next session is with Chantal.

Tuesday after school Chantal was dropped off at my office. She had this look on her face like she was mad at the world, I asked her if something happened today that made her so upset her answer was:

“Yes, Silvia at school called my dad and nasty drunk and said he had no business spending all of our money getting drunk, she said he should be home taking care of us girls and my mom.”

“How does Silvia know about your dad and what he does?”

“Her dad owns a bar my dad goes to for lunch, and he sometimes goes for lunch and does not leave till after dinner time, so I guess may be her dad driving my dad home and coming home late for his dinner, made her mom mad and so Silvia blamed it on my dad and called him a nasty drunk, so I punched her in the face and pull her blouse over her head and punched her in the stomach.”

I sat transfixed at this revelation, wondering if someone from Silvia’s family was the one who called in the abuse alert.

The remainder of the session I spent calming Chantal down, telling her to do her best to ignore comments like what Silvia made, also told her next time talk to her teacher or the counselor at school about things like this rather than punching and hurting someone. It seems the principle was alerted and Chantal received a one day suspension for the behavior.


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