Plumbing Chapter 2

Plumbing Chapter 2

It was great seeing Bud again, albeit under better circumstances would have been a plus, he did keep his distance but one thing was apparent we had not lost our attraction for each other.

We were standing over another victim who seems to be a victim of a hate crime; gay man 33 years of age, his ID said he lived at Cummings circle, Awe spry township. The fact that he was gay came from a missing persons filed by his significant other.

Bud and I went to the address on the ID, rang the doorbell, a tall lean handsome man answered immediately said “Oh my I thought you were Douglas, hoping he forgot his key again.”

His voice was soft and concerened; he opened the door to us Bud waved me in as a gentleman, women first, I took a step forward nodded; the ball of my  foot hit the top step, I pitched right, Bud tried to grab me, the momentum was in full force we both landed in the rose bushes. All my other partners no better from this type of experience to just let me go solo.

The nice gentlemen who opened the door to us came out to assist, Bud regained his integrity first, I tried to stand reaching for the hand of this nice young man only to draw him into my web of Klutziness. When we finally gained our composure assessing the damage, I had the most scratches from the Rose Bushes.

Everyone entered the home before me, I soon joined them sat on a chair by myself, sort of off to one side, gee the only thing missing is the dunce cap.

What we gleaned from the interview is that the deceased name was Douglas, he and James had been living together for a year; James worked late and was going to meet Douglas at their favorite bar for a burger and a brew as soon as James was finished at work. When James arrived Douglas was said to have gone to the rest room and never came out, well not that anyone noticed him coming out.

Bud and I went to the bar, I walked in first sat down before Bud would even enter, he sat across the table from me, I asked for a glass of wine, and Bud asked for a coffee, the owner came over sat down, he did not look nor seem what I had expected, I guess I have a stereotype image of what an owner of a gay bar would be like. This guy reminded me of a lumberjack, full beard, and flannel shirt with sleeves rolled up, jeans, and suspenders. We talked to him about the previous Friday night, he said pretty much what James said, Douglas entered the restroom and never came out to his knowledge.

Since this is the 3rd victim, who was found strangled, laying in an alley, it had been labeled a hate crime; the powers that be had a pow wow and decided someone needed to go undercover in the bar. As you can imagine not one male officer would agree to go undercover, so they all looked at me.

I said “Me? I have big boobs, long hair, and I paid a lot for these nails. The lieutenant from narcotics and special crimes said he could make me look the part with padding in the right spot, tape the boobs, I can wear leather gloves, jeans, leather jacket, and a short wig, I will fit right in.

Gawd all I could picture was me falling the wig coming off, the tape popping off my boobs like a jack in a box.

I agreed, later Bud laughed and teased me relentlessly “Please be careful not to hurt these men all they need is to speak in a higher octave then some already do.”

My response was “Har, Har, Har,”

We got down to a subject we were both thinking about all day, how was it that I did not injure my last sexual partner. I told Bud that after a few glasses of wine, I actually relax and am no longer klutzy, if I were to stay in a perpetual inebriation the world would be a safer place.

So, he bought two bottles of wine, sent me home and said he would arrive in a half hour with dinner.

We had a nice dinner and great sex, but one thing was not considered, the next morning I would be sober, I remember waking up rolling over to give Bud a good morning kiss only to have him jump out of bed run to the bathroom close and lock the door.

Speaking through the door he said “Wendy, I will shower first, dress and meet you in the dining room, please be seated when I get there.”

I hollered back “No problem want some eggs and bacon.”

He responded saying “Yes, please as long as the dish is on the table, and you are seated.”

He came in smiling and said “Wendy, I had a great time last night, we really need to send you to a clinic or something so we can walk hand in hand together.”

I laughed and said “Parents tried that sent me to a finishing school; I washed out the first week, to many injuries to count.”


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