Secret Corners Chapter 2

Secret Corners   Chapter 2

Nearly the end of my second week of work and looking forward to going home; I chuckle to myself each time I come to work people are surprised to see me. When I leave they shake my hand and pat me on the back as if they will never see me again. The older women bake me casseroles, cookies, brownies. I really think they feel sorry for me. It is nice I do not have to cook for myself. I met a girl at the coffee shop yesterday told her where I live and she said “Wow that is so cool.”

I asked if she wanted to come for dinner Friday night, she agreed, and said she could not wait; she had always wanted to see the inside of that house, her parents and neighbors made such an issue about it they would go crazy if they knew she had wandered around the outside of the house, sat on the porch and pretended she lived there.

As it turns out we are like minded, she does not scare, if something is odd eventually it can be explained. Tonight Sybil will be here for dinner and maybe some other things I can heat up.

Dinner was great Sybil had the same appreciation for the interior as I have; we were cleaning up after dinner when she noticed a shadow passing the garage. I took my baseball bat and went to see what was going on. Foot prints were evident in the grass because of the dew already settling in with the fog. Someone had walked up the stairs to the apartment. They would not be able to enter if they had a key, I had changed the locks. Sybil was right behind me giggling; obviously enjoying the hunt.

I opened the door to the apartment; nothing was out of place, no wet foot prints on the floors except ours. Sybil thought my idea of renting the space was perfect, as long as there was someone willing to do so. I agreed; too many people out there believe in fairy tales.

Sybil stayed the weekend, only one incident a bump against the backdoor leading to the kitchen, other than that the normal creaks from the wind against the doors, and branches rubbing against the house. Sybil actually helped me trim the branches back.

Monday at work once again everyone was surprised to see me, I told them I had a friend spend the weekend we had a grand time.

I was beginning to wish I was a long lost Nephew of Mr. Kupto I am now into my third week and loving this house. I would retire if I would inherit that 2 million dollars left to the estate. The attorney invested the money he used the earnings to pay for the up keep leaving the original sum untouched.

Sybil and I agreed to have dinner at my place again, I had suggested we go out to dinner she said “No way I love that house.”

I am fine with that save money eat in, save water shower together. After dinner I had my way with her a few times, we were in the shower when I heard a clatter against and outside window, we dressed quickly our garments stuck slightly to our bodies, running out the back door with my baseball bat, Sybil brought her own for back up, I seen someone running toward the woods. I kept pace almost near enough to reach him, it was dark yet I could still make out it was a male, an inch or so taller than me, thinner, wore all black.

Sybil was a few feet behind me when I hear a thud and her say “Damn!”

I called back “Are you alright?”

She yelled ‘Keep going, get that SOB.”

Just then I had the idea use my bat to trip him, which I did I lunged forward swung the bat at the ankle and down he went, I jumped on top. I still could not see his face just the back of his head. Turning him over I said “What the fuck are you doing here?”

The attorney looked at me like a kid getting caught stealing money. He said nothing, I told him if I found him trespassing on my property again I will contact the authorities.

Monday came around and the real estate agent stopped by asked to see me. She was lead to my office. I stood surprised to see her and asked if there was something wrong she said: “Gosh no I may be premature since you have till Saturday at noon; I want to be the first to congratulate you.”

“Excuse me, congratulate me for what?”

She said “At noon on Saturday it will be one month you have lived in the house, you will be inheriting the 2 million dollars, the attorney will receive whatever the money was earned on the estate.”

I said with surprise “How is that possible I am not a nephew of Mr. Kupto?”

She answered “The stipulation was anyone who spent a month in the house would inherit the money.”

This got me thinking about everyone being chased away, I shook the agents hand and thanked her profusely.

I called Sybil and told her what I had just learned. She was thrilled to hear her boyfriend is about to be a millionaire.

Friday after work I bought two expensive bottles of champagne, Sybil was coming over; we agreed to have champagne for breakfast with strawberries dipped in chocolate. Sybil was bringing some information over about Kupto and the attorney; she said I would find it very interesting.

On the way home with the champagne tucked into the car I stopped at the sheriff’s department to be sure the attorney received his restraining order. He had the very day I applied for it.

At home I set plates out Sybil was bringing take out, and information.


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