Plumbing Chapter 5

Plumbing Chapter 5

I have to admit since I have to wear the extra thing in my jeans to mimic being a guy instead of a girl; I wonder what it would feel like with the extra baggage. Women are made more streamline down there, although we tend to be top heavy, I suppose it was to balance us out somehow.

Went to a meeting at the department they want me to go to a gym where gays frequent, I am thinking this is a bad idea, I pulled off the bar scene because I drank wine which straightens out my radar, keeping me from being a klutz, me in a gym? Don’t get me wrong I work out, on thick carpet, all I get is rug burns and scuff marks on my body, and for the most part you can’t see them, they are hidden under clothing.

I had no choice it is an order so I geared in sweatpants with the added bulk in certain places taping my boobs, have the wig on, Psych told me to breath a certain way to calm myself, gave me some mental focusing points, he seems to think I am the most klutzy when I am nervous. Ok breath as I walk in; open the door, great made it through the door.  Got on the bike, hit the first pedal with  my toe, tried not to wince, got both feet on the pedals and realized the seat was too high; sliding off the seat, I stumbled fell flat on my face when I looked there were feet near my face, I looked up, and Todd was standing over me.

He said “Sorry about being so pushy last night, you just seemed so vulnerable.”

I answered “Sorry too I am just a bit touchy I guess.” Here I am wondering if it is appropriate to shake hands or hug.

He made the first move and put out his hand out to shake mine. He asked if I wanted to work out with him. I laughed and said it has been a while and I tend to be a klutz, he laughed and said “NO I did not notice.”

I kind of like this Todd guy, seems genuine. So next we did the pull down machine, the bar is over head on a pulley, you first pull it down behind your head for a few sets then you pull it in the front, I hit the back of my head twice, my chin once when I did the front, Todd was kind he helped maneuver the pulley so I would not keep clunking myself.  At the end of the workout I gleaned some information, the little guy I was speaking too at the bar after he left Steve, used to date Todd, but Steve was not faithful, and Todd wants to be in a monogamous relationship.  Also Todd’s dad is gay, go figure, he stayed true to his mom till she passed, bought the bar with the insurance money and has been with the same guy since, Lauren’s the guy’s name.

So far I am no further ahead, except I got a good workout and made a new friend, I told Todd I am not ready to hook up but would not mind having a beer with him on occasion, he smiled and nodded his agreement.

When I got home took off all the clothes, took a shower, still doing the breathing and mental exercises the Psych doctor told me to do, I realized I have less bruises on me at this time of the day then I normally would. I called Bud told him what I had learned and the success I have had doing the exercises Psych told me to do, also I told him I am cooking dinner tonight, he brings the wine.

I decided on Lemon Chicken, baked potato, large salad. All was going as planned till I forgot to move the hot pad away from the stove, it caught on fire which by the time I got to it the curtain above the sink was on fire, at that moment Bud walked in helped me put it out. He sat me down I should say he put out the fire: and poured the wine.

I was a bit rattled, I missed my mouth 3 times while trying to drink the first glass of wine, finally calmed down enough to give Bud a hug and kiss without injuring either of us, I served the meal without dumping it on either of us.

Dinner was delicious.


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