Feeling Lost Chapter 4

Feeling Lost Chapter 4

By the end of the week I had enough fabric to fill the order the company wanted. I called headquarters and told them I wanted to check on another source I was told about, specifically for the lingerie intimate line. We talked for 20 minutes about my ideas and they agreed it would be worth it to stay longer. Good thing I asked at the warehouse their recommendation for sheer silks and where I may see some with premium weave.

That night Mike called my room told me he was running late and wondered if I would meet him at his room, we could eat on his balcony, I agreed and told him to buzz me when he arrived at the hotel. Half hour later I received the buzz, and I descended a floor and arrived as he was putting the key card in the slot.

We took our time eating out on the balcony there was a light breeze the air was warm and dry, the sky clear, but there were so many lights the view was obscured, I told Mike he would like my deck, it is dark and the stars are plentiful.

We shared more about ourselves and more of ourselves. Mike said something interesting to me I was so flattered “Lyndsey I have never met a woman with a sense of herself, an inner knowing and strength.”

I smiled told him “To be honest Mike I have always felt a bit lost, not knowing exactly where I fit into the cog of living, I have a life plan which did not seem feasible in my past relationships.”

I told him how my other relationships ended amiably leaving me the impression it was me that I was an ice queen.

He smiled and said “You have focus, which I admire, I suppose that’s  because I spent 25 years in the Marine Corp. I want to settle down and have a family, but I also had my sights on becoming at least a colonel, retire, and move into security, or consulting. I am good at what I do and enjoy it tremendously; my past relationships were much like you described of yours, being focused does not translate that you have ice running through your veins, you are strong and focused, which I find sexy.”

I told him what my sister told me, rather than go with the flow that I should dance with it. Mike said “Let’s dance!”

At that he turned music on took my hand and we slowed danced while he removed my clothes and I removed his. Our hands and tongues continued the dance of touch and taste till we were both full.


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