Feeling Lost Chapter 5

The two weeks went by so quickly, even with the work we did and still found time for each other, I am a realist knowing it will be more difficult when we get back home. You add to work family and the necessities that it takes to maintain a home; I know I am worrying about nothing. My hopes were dashed when Mike could not get on the same flight back with me, which actually turned out ok, it gave me time to get my presentation done, also left me time to unpack do laundry, picking up my mail from the neighbor. What is nice the people in my life no longer bother asking me if I met anyone interesting on my travels, I was not ready to share Mike with anyone. Mike told me when he kissed me goodbye that he will call me from the airport when he arrives, and then call again when he arrives at his apartment which is in the center of town, and two blocks from where I work. We will meet for lunch at my favorite diner the next day after his arrival.

This is exasperating I have never felt this need or the acceleration of my pulse when the phone rings and I know it is him.

Role change for me, I am the one waiting, hoping he is thinking of me every minute, wondering if he will be on time and cannot wait. I think I owe a couple of men in my past an apology, darn they must have been in love with me, and I now realize I did not deserve it.

The call came he was at the airport climbing into a cab taking him to his apartment, he asked me what I wanted to hear “Hey change of plans, how about meeting me at my place you can leave for work from there and we can still meet for lunch.”

Sounds like a plan, I had just brought my suit home from the cleaners, I need to put some essentials in a bag, grab my work stuff, and I should be there just after he arrives. Traffic drove me crazy, I arrived 20 minutes after he did, he opened the door with a flourish, I dropped my things on the floor, he swept me up in his arms and swung me around, telling me he could not stop thinking of me and he was madly in love with me, I think I said the same thing to him, yes we said it in unison.

Slowly he let me slide down through his arms leaning over still in his embrace he slowly kissed me, we danced as we undressed, never once releasing each other completely until we tasted and enjoyed each other to completion.

This is the real deal; this is what I was born to be Mike’s girl, completely his. He pulled away and said “I hope you do not think I am crazy when I ask you this, but I need to know, you do not have to answer, just think about it as long as you need too, but I know with all my being this is what I should be asking and wanting from you, Lyndsey will you marry me.”

I did not hesitate “I would be honored to be your wife.”

Yes my sister thought I had lost my mind and was glad I did. Mike and I were married by Chaplin friend of Mikes the following Friday, 3 weeks after we had met on the plane.

I no longer feel lost, I am now found.


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