Adirondack Chair Chapter 1

It is late summer in Michigan’s UP; most vacationers are home getting their kids outfitted for school. The temps are in the low 70’s during the day and low 60’s at night. It also gets darker sooner, which means you see the stars sooner and longer. I like staying at the Bay Inn in Petoskey, located on Lake Michigan, it is a bit pricy but so worth it, location, location, location. This time of year the beaches are sparsely inhabited, it is easier to maneuver around the town, get a seat in a restaurant, or a room at the Inn.

I have a book in hand, by one of my favorite authors CSKit, the book is a compilation of short stories, the one I am looking forward to reading is called Time and Neighbors, I have heard good things about the story, everyone fell in love with Marvin, one of the elder characters who rules in this story.

Walking out to the beach with a large coffee, it is late afternoon I figured too early for dinner, I would take a seat on the beach listen to the waves drink my coffee and enjoy the afternoon. I reached for the Adirondack chair the same time he did, our hands touched instantly; sending a shock of discovery through me, we turned to each other apologizing offering the chair to the other, flustered and embarrassed I finally shut my mouth and smiled, he was walking away towards another chair, turned and nodded back at me. I was struck by his gait, long lean, I would guess him to be in his mid to late 30’s, salt and pepper brown hair, easy grin, which takes up most of his face as his eyes seem to have laughter in them.

Sitting down placing my coffee in a makeshift sand cup holder, I contentedly snuggled into the back of the chair opened the book to Time and Neighbors, without realizing it I started to laugh aloud. I hear a voice coming from my right, saying “Good Book?”

I turned to look and he was laughing with his eyes, I smiled and said “Yes this author is hilarious.”

This started a distant conversation him being 10 feet away, until he stood, and lifted his chair to set it beside me. I then started to tell him about the author how she first started writing stories and blogging them, then someone came and encouraged her to compile a book of her short stories, a publishing company picked up on her stories through word of mouth thus putting her on line for E books. I personally like to turn the pages so I print them out to enable me the luxury of holding paper in my hands; never am worrying if my battery is getting low on my Kindle.

He laughed and said he was the same way, he actually owns a bookstore in town, old books, classics, some new release’s, today his niece was manning the store which gave him time to himself.

I told him I would be here for a week I will definitely come to his store and check it out. He smiled and said he would look forward to showing me around.

My inward thought was that I was hoping to show him a thing or two as well, now that he is up close and personal I find him sexy in a mellow sort of way.

We got on famously, talking on all subjects, and a comfortable silence ensued while we watched the twilight deep blue take over our world, the soft sound of the waves hitting the shore. Once a chill caused me to give an involuntary shiver he suggested we go and find a place in walking distance to have dinner. I agreed and asked if he could come with me while I place my things in my room. We walked to the hotel, stepped into the elevator and chatted a bit more about ourselves; I shared with him that I work as a school counselor; I have been wondering if I would want to move to the UP and get a job at one of the local Middle Schools.

After dropping my things off and grabbing a pair of walking shoes, we were off to walk into town and settle in to have a good meal and a great evening.


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