Adirondack Chair Chapter 3

My vacation has been cut short due to recent events; I am drawn between going home to pack,  or staying here where I am needed as a grief counselor. I am glad I have a great sister who has a key to my place. Also my best friend Dorothy, my sister Kristen called Dorothy they teamed up and are at my place starting the process packing my things. I live in an apartment and I tend to be a minimalist when it comes to stuff, at this point my sister Kristen will appreciate that fact. Kristen always harassed me in a big sister sort of way when I would ask to borrow something of hers, it was usually a small kitchen appliance such as a mixer, or large slow cooker; normally only did this when there was a family gathering or pot luck at the school or church.

I asked Todd if he knew any Real estate agents, he said he did but if I were interested he knew someone who has a flat for rent. I was very interested, Todd loaned me a roll out bed, and a few things, I quickly moved in since the person who owned the flat was a close friend of his.

The flat is actually larger than my apartment, I went to a resale shop pick up a desk and lamp, large dining room table and chairs, the dining table I have at the apartment will fit nicely in the bay window which receives the morning sun perfect spot for coffee or breakfast in the morning. I checked out of the hotel room and moved in the flat all in the same day.

The appliances were included with the flat, so I went to the local Meijer’s picked up all the essentials including a mixer, two sizes of crock pots. I invited Todd and his niece Clowie over for dinner. The dinner was my big thank you for helping me get set up and a way to get to know Clowie.

I am grateful for cell phones, it helped me keep in touch with Dorothy and she passed the information on to Kristen. Bless my brother in laws heart Jason volunteered to drive the U-haul and bring me my stuff the following weekend. I went to the post office for the change of address, gawd this is a pain, yet in the end I know it will be so worth it.

Todd and Clowie arrived by a quarter after 8, they came directly from the bookstore after closing. We sat down to grilled chicken cordon bleu, steamed broccoli, salad, ice tea. Clowie was quiet at first, but by the end of the meal while she was helping with the cleanup she started to share her feelings about her friend John.

Suicide always leaves people behind with the same cluster of emotions, should have, could have, how did I not see it; why did he not talk to me. This is the normal cluster of emotions as well as disbelief, anger, frustration and with some depression. At this point I told Clowie I was concerned about her friend Laura explaining that all too often others commit suicide due to depression and rare cases as a pact or copycat.

Clowie agreed to talk with her friend about coming over to my flat, I suggested it would be better if we set a time and meet at the school, also I will be setting up a time for others to drop by and talk first as a group then as individuals if they need to. She said she thought Laura would feel more comfortable with the group setting at first till she got to know me.

That was my task for tomorrow, the time and room was preset by Mr. Mitchel the next thing would be is getting the word out, Mr. Mitchel was efficient at what he does as an administrator, having announcements put on the local TV and radio stations, also get chatter going on Facebook, Twitter etc. I enlisted help from Todd and Clowie.


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