Adirondack Chair Chapter 4

Adirondack chair Chapter 4

Rather than set up in the auditorium we chose to set up in the Audio Visual room, it does not seat as many but the atmosphere is a bit more intimate. I have a dear friend from my neighborhood, he is a preacher of a nondenominational church, he is always on the move, and he actually pairs up with doctors without borders. Not the normal preacher you see at a pulpit, he says he considers himself not a doer of good deeds, but a worker in the field. He enjoys what he is called to do, will go where he can best be used.

His congregation is the same as he is, his way of keeping the Sabbath is going where he is needed. One gift that Glenn has is he is comfortable with infant to elder; this is why I called him to be my side kick, we have worked together before, he never brings in religion yet he is always willing to pray with someone.

Glenn made it to the audio visual room 15 minutes before the doors opened to the students and faculty who wanted to attend this open forum. We had a moment of silent prayer; I had a quick moment to share with him what is new in my life. Glenn has been my spiritual adviser for years, I lean on him a lot for his patience, peace, and wisdom. He told me to take care and go slow, he has seen me falter so many times in relationships, he knows me and I do not question what he said to me. He knows in the end I want to have a relationship that will last decades, he is also a realist knowing that at times it is near impossible for this to happen, but with all things our faith and prayer can make it possible.

The doors are open, I sat up front in a desk chair that swivels, just high enough to be seen from the back row, and low enough that I am not towering over whoever is here to share, or in need.

The chairs filled up quickly, 200 seats taken, it was standing room only, parents, students, faculty, the meeting actually spilled out into the hallway, and people were sitting with their backs to the walls, stretching all the way to the entrance of the school. One of the kids who is well versed with the audio system in the school set up a microphone for me and put an incoming speaker so we could all hear each other no matter where we were, I was left wondering if the auditorium would have been the better place, Clowie whispered to me when I voiced this concern to Glenn, “No Donna this is perfect, most of those in the hall are students, they feel comfortable where they are.”

That made sense to me, lessens the feeling of confrontation when they speak from their hearts.

We were there for 4 hours, the group one by one dispersed, till there were left 5 participants 4 students and one faculty member. I made appointments with each student, and then went to my office to speak privately to the faculty member.


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