Sculpture or welded poem

Sculpture or Welded (Poem)

Being one of firsts sculpted his stature

First president born in United States

Focused on farming not power

Laid foundations for role of President

Yet this does not tell us of the man

Who welded in our patriotic hearts!

Still reminiscing of the gifts he left behind

Selling his property not his citizens

He would only sell to industry

Who willingly would hire freed slaves;

Yet to this day we still beckon this same song

Where have we gone wrong?

Could it be as a Man our first President?

Determined right from wrong

This was welded firmly in his heart

Heart of flesh not of steal or might

No fabrication does this entail

Only that of truth will avail

To this country not a mere sculpture

But tenants of heart built on

A true foundation of faith

Where power and truth arise,

His missives were lengthy to ensure

His heart was shown with clarity,

Has this been the pattern of many:

Who follow in this office?

Our lives would show the clarity

Not welded promises which corrode.

Let us bring back the majesty

Of this persons sculpture

Not of man but of his soul

So we all may be free.


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