Suitor Chapter 1

The Suitor Chapter 1 short story

She noticed my hands right away, I know what she is thinking, my long fingers, how her hands look delicate in mine; even the hairs on my hands mirror my strength adding to my power. Yes the Venus fly trap captures it’s prey, the hairs within draws the prey close, slowly luring till the sweetness is captured.

It is even more exciting that she is married, having her fantasy’s about me. No shame in that, just a little thrill for the both of us. She has no idea what I am capable of. I will walk her through the power that is mine, slowly gently she will see in the end how fun a fantasy can really be.

It will be nice working with Jamie, she is here to buy her husband a new suit. I gave her the first task, measurements of the suit she likes the best on him, bring those measurements in and we will go from there. Eye contact with a customer is crucial, especially with one who is as enchanting as Jamie. Jamie said she would bring in what I asked for by Thursday. Being that it is Tuesday it gives me time to set up a plan. How I want to approach meeting her husband and becoming more than just a sales person. I want to be their friend, one that is invited to the house.

Jamie was good at her word, she brought me all the measurements, we picked out fabric, color, and style. Each garment is made to size, with this special order, we will baste in the seams to give her husband a chance to try it on and we can make any adjustments without hurting the fabric. She wants this to be a surprise for his 40th birthday. It will be a perfect surprise I will make sure of it.

The special day came with much fan fare, I was invited as a friend of Jamie’s not letting on the true nature of my presences. We had drinks, a fine dinner was set before all the guests. Gifts were opened, then the time had come, Jamie took the suit out of the closet, brought it to her husband, he opened the garment bag to reveal this exquisite suit. Eli’s face lit up showing his pleasure, I stepped in, Jamie explained who I was, he turned did the model strut entertaining everyone in the room. The only thing needed for the suit was to do the final stitching, it was a perfect fit. Eli shook my hand and thanked me profusely, being professional and taking time to come to this event to personally handle every detail of this gift. I nodded, letting him know it was my pleasure.

They asked me to stay for the rest of the evening, entertainment and of course cutting of the cake. I had a grand time, sharing intimate glances with Jamie on occasion, at one point she came over as I was speaking to another beautiful woman who was hoping to do the same for her husband we were exchanging information when Jamie delicately took 4 of my fingers and squeezed ever so lightly and asked me if I would like to dance. We danced, the song was appropriate ‘Danger Zone’.

At the end of the night Jamie made arrangements with me to pick up the suit at the shop, I suggested that on my way home I could bring it by. She was delighted, saying goodbye I told her I would call before I came.

Three days later I called Jamie told her that I would be bringing the suit after work, I asked if it was convenient for her. She said it was, asked if I would like’ she would prepare a light dinner, Eli was out of town on business and she would love the company. Letting her know that I was famished and this would be an exceptional treat.

When I arrived Jamie met me at the door in a light breezy sundress, with spaghetti straps. She is a beauty, with her dark eyes, dark hair olive skin, large breasts, yes desert will be tasted tonight.

After hanging the garment bag in Eli’s closet, I perused his suits; there was a fine selection with color and texture, Eli had good taste in his women and apparel.


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