The Suitor Chapter 4

The Suitor Chapter 4

I hear Jack Dawson is in town. Well then may be he is getting close, he has no idea I am leaving town in the morning. Being at work on time everyday for the past 3 years helps my credibility, I have built a good name and clientele, a few of my clients have spoken to me about the suitor, so naive they do not realize the brilliance is standing before them What made me laugh is one of them told Dawson about me and that I may actually be helpful in catching the suitor. Ironic isn’t it catching myself, what I do can be quite entertaining at times. Hope Dawson get’s here soon to talk to me, I shall be leaving at 8 pm, and not coming back. My boss believes I am going out of town to visit a sick relative in New York, I spread a rumor I was going to open my own shop, so when I do not come into work after my scheduled time off they will consider the rumor to be true and not think anything more about it.

Awe, there is Dawson now getting out of the black SUV, smug, with a power in his sauntered walk. This will be so much fun, I cannot help but to be pleased with myself.

Dawson walked in like he owned the place, came directly to me and asked for me.

Dawson: “I would like to speak with Reggie Cleary”

Me: “Your speaking to him sir, and to whom am I speaking?”

Dawson “Jack Dawson, FBI.”

Me: “I do not suppose you have credentials to prove that?”

At that point Dawson pulled out his ID, I nodded, the guy with him introduced himself as Detective Spenser, a local yokel.

Me: How may I help you Agent Dawson?”

Dawson: “I have some questions about a pair of scissors and measuring tape.”

Me: “You may want to refer those questions to one of our tailors, they would be more informed about such things, I am just a salesman Agent Dawson.”

I gave him the name of both our tailors, he then continued speaking to me.

Dawson “I may have to order a suit from you.”

Me: “For work or pleasure?”

Dawson “Work, I would not know what to order to wear when taking a date to the Chicken Shack.”

Me “Something with feathers I suppose.”

These two imbeciles thought that was funny. Inside I am shaking my head wondering how this man puts his pants on in the morning, such dull intellect.

Once they left I said goodbye to my co-workers, put in a suit order for Dawson and left for the night. Being I am prepared for my symphony of love tomorrow, I shall take the night off and enjoy some music, and wine, hmm I need a nice girl to share it with, leaving Dawson something more to think about.

Found my perfect match as I walked through the park, she was sitting on a bench crying, I sat next to her and consoled her, after an hour of being the sweet listener we went to her place. Delicate flower with long legs, short curly hair and blue eyes, a delicious lover, she did not even squeal when I pulled the sheet over her head putting the scissors through the fabric into her neck. I left a measuring tape in her chest, gave a farewell salute when I left her room. Wiping down all the surfaces, yes this time I left Dawson some DNA. Even with giving him extra to work with he will not be able to find me. Is he bright enough to know the man he spoke to at the Haberdashery was the suitor? If he does he will not be able to prove it, the cleaning service is impeccable, no DNA of mine will be left behind, if so it will be mixed with so many others which will leave it unusable.

Morning came nicely, I arose one hour before dawn, was at the door of Constance, let myself in turned off the alarm, wearing cotton gloves not to leave prints. I hear a voice say “What the hell are you doing here?”

Claude what a clod, I threw the scissors with precision as always, hit his carotid with a quiet slice, the look on the dopes face was priceless, he was far enough away I did not receive splatter, I was walking away as he grabbed his neck and fell to the floor. Drum. roll please.

On to Constance she was laying nicely sleeping, pulling the sheet over the scissors cut through, once again no splatter, blood soaked into the sheet. Placing the measuring tape on her, I walked into Claude’s closet, took down his dreary suits poured lighter fluid on them as I walked away threw a match. Now onto Jamie’s house.


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