Sneak Peek- short Christmas Story

Christmas tree

Sneaking a peek – short Christmas story

I love my foot Pajamas they are warm and cuddly. Dad said I am getting to big for them, not size he said but age. I guess may be I should choose different kinds of pajamas, my girls friends all wear nightgowns, but I like my footies, they are slippers and pajamas in one, I see no reason to change. In Walmart they have adult size. I am only 10 years old, so dad also said I am too old to believe in Santa Claus, he said it has been him and mom all along. I can hardly believe that, now all this time when I did not receive the puppy I wanted I blamed Santa Claus, it was my parents that did not get me a puppy?

I am not sure what to think about that, unless dad is just saying this so I will go to bed at a reasonable time, as he calls it and does not want me disturbing him and mom while they drink their eggnog and get cuddly.

I have decided to set my alarm clock for 1 am, then I will sneak downstairs to see if Santa does come down the Chimney. The way I figure it, when Santa leaves the North Pole, and the time zone difference he should arrive at my house at about 1 am, give or take a few minutes.

The alarm went off, I grabbed my robe, and started for the living room. It was dark so I listened first then turned the light on by the small table where we used to leave the cookies and milk. Nothing seemed different no extra packages that I could see, I went in a corner where it was dark and waited.

I awoke to someone holding my hand, opening my eyes I see something that I am not sure of, a man in a white suit was kneeling next to me, so I asked: “Who are you?”

He said: “I am the reason everyone puts up the tree, or I should be the reason.”

I asked “Who are you?”

He Said: “I am many things to many people, but I am never Santa, nor Easter Bunny nor the tooth fairy, I am just a friend.”

I said “I am still not sure who you are, but I think your nice and I like your suit.”

He said: “I think your nice too Corey, you should always listen to your dad, do not be mad at your parents, they did not think you were old enough to have a puppy and take care of it, they are a big responsibility, to much for your parents alone to take care of since they both work, so the responsibility would be yours.”

I said: “I am old enough now to take care of a puppy.”

He said: “Are you sure you are, many people want things then when they get it they are sorry because it was more work than they thought it would be.”

I said: “Having a puppy means I would have to teach the puppy not to poop or pee in the house, I would have to be sure to play with it so it has fun, and teach it manners, just like mom taught me those things.”

He said: “That is all true, so I will have a talk with your Mom and Dad, but ultimately it is their decision, I always talk to my friends, and give them options it is their decision, do you understand?”

I said: “Yes I understand, but you said you were my friend, I know all my friends names, I do not know your name.”

He said: “You will know who I am because I will talk to your heart, then you will know my name, not because someone else told you but because I told you.”

Later when I woke up I did not know if that was a dream or if it was real, I was still in the corner, my dad came over and said: “Corey what ever are you doing in the corner, and not in your bed.”

I said: “I had to be sure you were telling me the truth about Santa, cuz you have lied to me for so long, so I needed to find out for myself if it was true that there is no Santa.”

My dad sat down next to me and said:” Corey, parents do things like that, because we want to play imaginary friends with our children, we know how children like to play games, and this game is one that is fun for everyone, that is all.”

I said: “Same with the Easter Bunny and Tooth fairy?”

Dad said: “Yes just like that, remember how much fun it was to search for eggs, to find money under your pillow when you lost a tooth?”

I said: “Yes it was fun but does that mean I can no longer have fun, now that I am grown up?”

He said: “Your not all grown up, and even when you are grown up there are still ways to have fun, but it will be real fun, like driving your first car, going to your first dance, things like that, your fun will be a lot of firsts, those are always fun.”

Mom came over and said: “Well if you two are done with your talk, breakfast is ready.”

I said: “Mom I not sure I am hungry I think I want to sleep some more.”

Mom said: “Well I think you need to eat change your clothes because I made a very special appointment with a friend of mine, and we need to be ready so we do not keep her waiting.”

I said: “Ok I will eat, and get dressed, I was told I am suppose to listen to you and dad.”

Mom looked at dad , I could tell she did not know what I was talking about so I wondered if the man talked to them already, or if they just decided not to listen, the man said some people decide not to listen.

We had breakfast, mom told me to wear something warm, then mom and dad and I got into the car, when we pulled into the parking lot it was empty except for one car, I looked at the sign and I did not know what the sign meant it said Humane Society, I will have to Google that when I get home.

We walked into the front door, a nice lady said hi to my mom and dad, then leaned down and said hi to me, she said her name was Donna, I said hi and shook her hand.

Mom said have a seat, we are going to have a mutt march and you have to decide which one you want.

I said: “Mutt? I get to choose a dog?”

Mom said: “Yes, I called Miss Donna this morning your dad and I decided early this morning it was time for you to take on the responsibility of a dog, this dog will be your responsibility, we will help, but it will be your job, you will take it to obedience training and do what the teacher tells you to do, so the dog will have manners, do you understand?”

Oh I did understand and I know now the man was real and my parents listen to him.


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