Life in the fast lane

Life in the fast lane Chapter 2

By Wednesday with Jazzile’s help the addition had the first coat of primer, at that point we needed to choose colors and paint, and also I like putting 2 coats of primer. Jazzile chose to stay at the cabin rather than go into town with me, I told her I would bring back the color swatches, she said she wanted neutrals laughing at her when I said “Neutrals, most guys are color blind.”

Jazzile “Nathan, there will probably be a woman working at the store, tell you want neutral swatches and samples of brown/grey neutrals she will know.”

Nodding and waving I left, did the Home Depot first, stopped by the Chinese restaurant ordered our food, went to the florist bought 3 dozen red roses and a large vase, picked up the food and headed back to the cabin. When I arrived Jazzile was in the bedroom she called to me.

Nathan darling, please come here and help me with something.”

Walking into the room carrying the food and roses in the vase, Jazzile was lying on the wrought iron bed naked and beckoning me, she let out an “OH Darling!” when she seen the roses, I let out my toy so we could play.

We made love and ate the Chinese food on the wrought iron bed, which needs to be oiled it squeaks; Jazzile said she likes the squeak it has a good rhythm. I said “Ok we got rhythm.” She laughed and we got rhythm all over again.

Later we went through the colors, Jazzile used a small brush and put a small sample of the color on each wall to see how the sun played off it, and decided on the Taupe for the living space, Soft grey for one bedroom, and Deep sand for the next bedroom. While she was doing that I was putting the second coat of primer, the next day I will go back into town and get the paint in the colors she had chosen.

Once again Jazzile chose to stay at the cabin; she wanted to put up some curtains. While I was picking up the paint I had noticed a second hand store; I decided to take a look and see if they had a decent dining room table, nothing too expensive thinking eventually Jazzile will want to pick out something nice. I found a round table with four high back chairs, oak table which had a Formica wood grain looking top. It was in decent condition, fifty dollars seemed reasonable, I also stopped picked up some furniture polish to clean up the chairs and pedestal.

This time I brought home Burritos with nachos, as I walked in the door Jazzile met me with a hug, she seems to like playing house, I told her what was in the truck, she ran out and did her “Oh my Nathan it is perfect!” when she says this it is done with such flourish and emotion, she makes my heart race.

Once the table was set up and wiped down we had our meal, I then painted the first room. By the time I was done and showered we both went to bed. Laid in each other’s arms just before we fell asleep I whispered to Jazzile “I love you Jazzy will you marry me.?” She moaned rolled to face me and said “Oh Nathan I love you yes I will marry you.”

Weather predictions for the night was gale force winds, and 3 inches of snow, what we received was gale force winds and 2 feet of snow, digging out enough to get the door open was a job, I was glad I brought up the snow blower, I made a path to the water’s edge, it had not frozen over yet, usually by the end of February it has an inch or two of ice, our weather has been unseasonably warm.

Jazzile loved the fresh snow she would bundle up and walk to the water’s edge. That afternoon she walked in where I was painting and said “Nathan, tomorrow take half the day off and lets go to the water’s edge and build a fire, sit and listen to the life of our little heaven.

We spent the next afternoon with a campfire, eating sandwiches drinking hot coffee, and actually made love in the snow, using the fire to warm our bodies afterward before we dressed. Jazzile’s pink cold skin glowed in the light of the fire, it had gotten dark and she looked luminous.


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